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Winter isn’t Looking as Bad, but Is it Really going to be Like This

Many experts have made many predictions and opinions about this winter, and many, if not all, agreed that this winter will be one of the harshest winters in Canada. Although these were the predictions, many people say that winter has been alright. It’s rather very acceptable and okay, and that’s because temperatures haven’t dropped as much, and the country didn’t get as much snowfall as expected. However, climatologists are still searching whether it will be a ‘nice’ winter.

North of the United States is getting many storms this winter and heavy snowfalls. This weekend, North Dakota, quite close to Manitoba, will be in the middle of a snowstorm. Moreover, climatologists have expected that Manitoba will have a taste of this storm this weekend. The weather forecasting also showed that temperatures in Manitoba would drop back to two digits, which means that this weekend will be quite cold.

“Here we are in December, and you really haven’t been facing many difficult days. The number of fingers on one hand will tell you how many cold days you’ve had so far — and we know that some of those days can come in October,” he said. You’ve had five days when the temperature has been below -20 C. You take places like Saskatoon or Edmonton — they’ve had 15 of those.” said David Phillips, Environment Canada’s senior climatologist.

Moreover, some believe the nice winter we live in will not last very long as winter’s actual start day is December 21st, 2022. So, all of this can be considered an introduction to Manitoba’s winter, which is expected to be quite impressive this year according to the Farmers’ Almanac “Areas south of the storm track (much of the Southeast) will see frequent storms bringing cold rains and a wintry mix of wet snow, sleet, ice, freezing rain—and chilly temperatures. The I-95 corridor can be included in this winter mix zone, with places to the north of the track seeing the precipitation fall more as snow and, at times.”



– Halla Alhamed, U Multicultural

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of U Multicultural

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