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Winnipeg’s Latino Community Overcoming the Challenges of Cultural Integration Through Art

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This November, the Latin Roots Dance Group and Association orchestrated a vibrant and culturally enriching event, Expo Moda Arte 2023. It was not just a showcase of fashion and art—the celebration aimed to spotlight the vibrant Latino communities in Winnipeg.

The event was a testament to the Latino communities’ rich cultural heritage and artistic diversity. It was a platform to educate, support, and integrate these communities while addressing the challenges of cultural integration.

Jesse Lemus, founder and director of the dance group, explained events bringing the Latin community together here in Winnipeg are vital, as it’s taken years to build a united community.

“It has taken years, even decades, or even generations, for our community to unite. I know there are many associations and many dance groups, but now we’re trying to work as a community in Latin America. It’s really needed to be able to put on an event like this today to showcase our culture and add other art mediums, such as fashion.”

Through a dynamic display of fashion and art, the Expo Moda Arte 2023 brought attention to the vibrant tapestry of traditions, colours, and narratives that define the Latino communities in Winnipeg. The event fostered a sense of belonging and encouraged a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Latina culture.

Lemus added that a significant challenge their association faces is how young they are.

“Many of us are under 30 years of age, so we don’t have as much experience in some areas as other organizations may have. It’s challenging when you decide to work in one community or nationality, but when you come together, it is easier and awesome to see a full house. We can celebrate our differences and not use them as a method of division in Winnipeg.”

Latin Roots Dance Group and Association’s dedication to community integration was evident as they provided a space for cultural exchange and education. The Expo Moda Arte 2023 stood as a beacon of support, advocating for inclusivity and celebrating the resilience and contributions of Latino communities in Winnipeg.

This event was more than a showcase; it was a testament to the power of cultural celebration in overcoming barriers and fostering unity within our diverse community.

– Zuher Almusre, U Multicultural

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