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Winnipeggers Use Art as a Healing Tool for Daily Stress

Art is a very effective healing tool for stress and mental health problems. It can be the key to alleviating someone’s pain and encouraging someone struggling. It might seem too simple to be considered a healing tool, but every single art piece can carry many deep meanings and stories behind every detail.

“The medical profession has come a long way in recognizing the healing benefits of art. Moreover, this shows how vital and essential art is to people’s lives, especially those facing hardships. My hope is that someday the arts will be considered as essential in everyone’s lives as breathing fresh air, eating clean foods, and engaging in physical exercise,” said Renée Phillips, the Founder and Director of Manhattan Arts International.

In Winnipeg, art is an important topic that is taken care of very well, which is why Winnipeg hosts art exhibitions, upgrades its galleries regularly, and gives Winnipeggers the chance to experience this underrated treatment. This summer, the RBC Convention Centre will be hosting the Beyond Van Gogh Art Exhibition, an immersive art exhibition “Occupying over 30,000 square feet,” and presenting more than three hundred pieces up until September 4th.

The Beyond Van Gogh Art Exhibition is a new tool for all Winnipeggers to release stress and boost their mental health. It gives them the opportunity to see new perspectives, experience many incredible things, and relive the good memories of the past.

After asking a group of Winnipeggers about their opinion on this topic, they said, “I think of art as a relaxing thing, just like the ocean, it’s very satisfying and pleasant, and the Beyond Van Gogh Art Exhibition is mostly done with lights, which is very interesting and cool. I think it is an excellent way for us to release stress and increase our endorphin levels; I for sure agree with the quote that says, ‘art therapy is for big people, little people and everybody in-between.'”

The Beyond Van Gogh Art Exhibition is happening in Winnipeg this summer, and many Winnipeggeers are excited to check it out. Art is a delightful and easy way to help everybody reorganize their thoughts and feelings and start strong again.


– Halla Alhamed, U Multicultural

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of U Multicultural.

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