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Winnipeg Muslim Leader Shares The Experiences of The Muslim Community Living in Canada

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Despite all of Canada’s rights and liberties, Muslims still face challenges in Winnipeg society. Wearing the hijab (headscarf) and the culture shock that makes the integration difficult maybe some of the most significant challenges facing Winnipeg’s Muslim community.

Sheikh Ismael Mukhtar, a leader in Manitoba’s Muslim community, spoke on these challenges, including how Canadians sometimes view Muslims and the importance of involving Muslim youth in community events.

“We live in a free country, and we should be appealing to young people to become involved in our community because we are losing them gradually as they reach the age of 18 and higher. We will need them in the future to lead the community. The most significant reason for their distance is that they feel that they need that space in which they move away from any commitment. So, they can get rid of any social pressures and feel that they belong to the wide Canadian culture, not only to a specific community.”

Among the other important topics, Mukhtar talked about his book Manitoba Muslims A History of Resilience and Growth. The history of Muslims in this province is long and especially important to the next generation. The book covered the challenges and solutions that help Canadian Muslims understand Canadian culture and help newcomers to integrate and settle. The book also contributed to preserving the history of Muslims in Manitoba because most of the events, if not documented, will be forgotten and will not be recognized by future generations.

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