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Winnipeg Hosts Spring Masters 2023 Canadian Esports Championship Series

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The Manitoba Esports Association is Canada’s Largest Non-Profit Esports Association, situated in the heart of Canada, with a diverse team of players from across the country.

The Manitoba Esports Association hosted CECS Live!, a competition for young electronic games teams in Winnipeg. Journalist Zuher Almusre hosted Melanie Penner, CEO of the Manitoba Esports Association and asked her about the importance of this association for youth in Winnipeg and some of the challenges facing players.

Melanie said, “The Electronic Games Organization in Manitoba came to organize electronic games among young people and make their voices heard. These young people were playing randomly and needed an organization that made this game organized and professional. Today, the electronic game player has become like other physical games. They need training, coaching, strategic plans, and the practice of these games professionally. Because it may be their profession in the future, today, we must change the stereotype of looking at electronic games. It must be accepted by families and society and encourage creative youth to continue. So, they can succeed and be distinguished.”

Melanie confirmed, “The organization needs more government support in the future to have a budget. In particular, it contributes to supporting youth more.”

She adds gaming has many benefits.

“Electronic games have positive aspects, not just negative ones, as some may believe. This sport showed its importance during the Corona pandemic. It broke the barrier of unity, built a communication network between youth people, and created new friendships for youth who become socially successful people. Electronic sports are not for a specific group but for everyone, and Manitoba Esports Association always welcomes new players from all cultural backgrounds and provides them full support. So, they can continue playing professionally.”

– Zuher Almusre, U Multicultural

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