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Winnipeg Based Multicultural Media Outlet Winners in 43rd Annual Awards for Journalistic Excellence

Nonprofit community-based media outlet U Multicultural has been recognized for its efforts in sharing the voices of Canada’s multicultural community, receiving awards in two categories at the Canadian Ethnic Media Association’s 43rd annual awards for Journalistic Excellence. 

In the Podcast category, the media outlet was recognized for its We Stand Together series and the Video Series with the Indigenous Languages Series.

The Indigenous Languages Series is a unique project presented by U Multicultural featuring Robert Maytwayashing, Isabel Scribe, Lisa Muswagon, Michael Kusugak, and Henry Pitawanakwat, which focuses on education for the indigenous languages of Cree, Ojibwe and Inuktitut, through stories, culture and traditions.

“I’m extremely honoured to receive this CEMA Award. I’m grateful for the recognition I have received for our work. We are proud and honoured by the opportunity to build the bridge between ethnocultural communities and the Indigenous communities of Canada. The team of U Multicultural and Indigenous knowledge keepers of Canada for helping us reach a stage where I can proudly hold up this award as a mark of this achievement.” – Taya Rtichsheva, Executive Director, U Multicultural.

We Stand Together is a series created as a platform for Canada’s Indigenous and First Nations, pained by the loss, frustrated by systemic racism and oppression, and the stories of survivors who lived through horrific conditions at residential schools.

“This is an incredible honour. When the 215 child victims of residential schools were found, we at U Multicultural knew we needed to find a way to share the stories of Indigenous and First Nations people. To ensure those atrocities weren’t just brushed off and forgotten to time. We want to thank all those who shared and opened their hearts to share their truths. Vivian Ketchum, Elder Dr. David Courchene, Ray ‘Coco’ Stevenson, Gramma Shingoose, and Alayh McIvor thank you. We will continue to strive towards truth, reconciliation and elevate the voices of those who have been silenced for so long.” – Ryan Funk, Communications and Marketing Specialist,  U Multicultural. 

We Stand Together, the Indigenous Languages series and other content celebrating culture and diversity in Canada can be experienced on U Multicultural’s portal

The Indigenous Languages Series:

We Stand Together:

The original 90-minute Webcast of the CEMA Awards 2021 is now available, in full, on

– U Multicultural

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of U Multicultural.

The Winners of the Canadian Ethnic Media Association Awards for Journalistic Excellence 2021, by category, are as follows:


Steve Hon Man So, Producer, Fairchild Television, for Three Kinds of Trust.

Video Series:

Taya Rtichsheva, Executive Director, U. Multicultural Inc., for Indigenous Language Series.


Adelina Suvagau, Producer/Director of Box of Freedom, Imagine Freedom Films Inc.


Randy VanDerStarren, Founder of Take Your Seat Together, for Canada & Thailand 60th Anniversary.


Marcelo Donato, Host/Producer of Perspectango, CHIN Radio, Ottawa.


Ryan Funk, Communications and Marketing Specialist, U. Multicultural Inc., for We Stand Together.


Jagjeet Sharma, Editor/Publisher, of Covid 19 Chronicles, Reflections on the 2020 Pandemic. A collection of stories, poems and articles.

Online Articles:

Manjula Selvarajah and Kirthana Sasithram, Journalists and Creators, for Boldly Asian, CBC Toronto.


Steven Mceown, Producer, Rogers TV; Kerry Biskupski, Broadcast Design, Rogers TV; and Margaret Wong, Community Liaison Officer, OMNI TV; for Indigenous Interstitials.

Community Engagement:

Marcus Kolga, Founder and Director, Disinfowatch.

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