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Volunteers are key in the integration and settlement of Winnipeg’s Muslim Immigrants

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Volunteering is a Canadian culture that contributes to giving back to society. In fact, volunteering is a key factor for immigrants’ settlement and integration in Winnipeg.

Safa Al Habrawi, a volunteer with the Manitoba Islamic Association (MIA), spoke about the importance of volunteering and its role in improving the lives of immigrants in Winnipeg. She also touched on some of the most significant challenges they faced at the beginning of their lives in Winnipeg.
Working with immigrants is extremely difficult, says Al Habrawi.

“When they arrive, they confront significant challenges. The most serious obstacle is the unjust viewpoint. Some people assume that immigrants came to be reliant on the government and that they will take everything from them and sit at home doing nothing. This is not a fair judgment.”

Another common misperception, according to Al Habrawi, is that immigrants will bring crimes and commit acts that endanger society’s security and stability. All these rules make it difficult for immigrants to establish themselves. They did not come here of his own volition, but he escaped for compelling reasons that endangered his and his family’s lives. They want to start over in Canada.

Al Habrawi noted that one of the challenges for immigrants is the English language. Sometimes, English is confusing, and immigrants must first strengthen their language abilities to help them learn more about the city and its people. Canadian culture is also one of the challenges that immigrants face because it is unique. Canadian society is open and diverse, with people and cultures from around the world. Learning who your neighbours are and becoming a part of the community is important.

Al Habrawi works with immigrants of all ages daily and actively contributes to improving their lives because she faced similar challenges in her early days in Winnipeg. Today’s volunteers help others settle in and give them the advice they need to be happy in their new city Winnipeg.

– Zuher Almusre, U Multicultural

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