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U Talk Ep 5 - Sweta Rajan." Released November 2020. Work can have its ups and downs, but many immigrants may experience unfair biases and microaggressions from colleagues or employers beyond cultural and language barriers. That's what Sweta Rajan experienced when working in the United States. After moving to Canada and into more senior roles at businesses, she created spaces where diverse voices are valued equally. She would later work with other immigrant women to make the organization Immigrant and International Women in Science.

U Talk Ep 4 - Sadudee and Janfong Sae-Phan." Released November 2020. Sadudee and Janfong Sae-Phan moved from Thailand to Canada, searching for a new life and opening a Thai restaurant. That journey would separate them for three years, as Janfong worked abroad, creating the avenue for her family to come over.

U Talk Ep 3 - Sonja Lundstrom." Released November 2020. The Scandinavian Cultural Centre of Winnipeg is a volunteer-driven organization, with members joining clubs of the five Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with Sonja Lundstrom, President of the SWEDISH CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF MANITOBA.

U Talk Ep 2 - Adolfo Cuetara 2020". Released: 2020. Featuring Adolfo Cuetara, Executive Director of the CFDC. Adolfo moved to Canada from Spain in 2012 and continued to pursue a career in paleontology.

U Talk Ep 1 - Ethno Fest 2020". Released: November 2020. Featuring Reuben Garang, Alma De La Torre, Ana Lopez and Luana Cunha from Ethno Fest 2020.

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