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Digital Ethnocultural Radio station focused on diverse communities of Canada presented by U Multicultural. 

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UMulticultural has been positioned as a broadcaster and media platform focused on diverse communities. The idea of implementing the web-based radio station for the ethnocultural communities of Manitoba and Canada is another unique component of the media platform. U Radio is the digital hub, where diverse communities can share their voices, music, and stories.

U Talk is a Talk Show hosted by Ryan Funk, highlighting native-born and new Canadians’ cultures and experiences.

Everyone has a story to tell. Those who moved to Canada have a wealth of knowledge and experiences that I and many others may never have. This radio show allows people to learn from personal experiences, struggles, backgrounds, and cultures of communities that may not have their voices heard.

latest episodes

U Talk S2E10: 94in94

To raise awareness of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action, a collaboration between Reconciliation Thunder and Circles for Reconciliation launched the 94in94 Campaign.

I sat down with Jimmy Thunder, Raymond Currie, and Grace Shedler to learn more about this social media campaign and what reconciliation looks like?

Reconciliation Thunder

Circles for Reconciliation

U Talk S2E9: 2021 Federal Election

Monday, September 20, Canadians head to the polls to vote in their 2021 Federal Election. Voting can be challenging to navigate, and you want to make sure your voice is being represented. 

Marie-France Kenny is the Regional Media Advisor for Elections Canada. Kenny provides the information you need when you cast your ballot.

Questions about voting? 

Photo provided by Elections Canada.

U Talk S2E8: Emergence: Out of the Shadows

Sher Films is a division of the Sher Vancouver LGBTQ Friends Society in British Colombia that creates short and feature-length documentaries on many social issues.

Although the pandemic has caused many delays, its latest film, Emergence out of the Shadows, is premiering at film festivals. I called up the producer and the director to talk about the film and, most importantly, the message that you are not alone.

Emergence: Out of the Shadows website/trailer.

U Talk S2E7: Don Amero

Don Amero is a storyteller, singer-songwriter,  performer, and three-time JUNO Award nominee. As an individual of Cree and Metis heritage, Don has been recognized for his advocacy work within Indigenous communities and beyond.

Don and I talked about music, community, and the role of public figures in discussions on important topics.

U Talk S2E6: GerryFest 2021

GerryFest is a festival dedicated to the life and work of Gerry Atwell.

Starting Friday, August 13 to Sunday, August 15, mentees from the Raising New Voices mentorship program will perform along with other musicians and exhibit their visual works in the gallery at the St. Norbert Arts Centre. The Festival will also be recorded and produced. 

Judy Williams, sister of Gerry, sat down with me to talk about the Festival, Gerry’s legacy, and an endowment fund fostering young artists. 

A shoutout to two other members of the GerryFest team, Co-chair Louise May and Artistic Director Brendan Kinley, as your support makes this event possible.

U Talk Season Two

U Talk Season One

We Stand Together

On May 27, the First Nations community was shaken when the remains of 215 First Nations children were found in unmarked graves on what was once a residential school in Kamloops, B.C., and the 751 unmarked graves uncovered at a cemetery near the former Marieval Indian Residential School.
These are the voices of our First Nations pained by the loss, frustrated by systemic racism and oppression, and the stories of survivors who lived through horrific conditions at these schools.

Indian Residential School Survivors Society

A helpline for residential school survivors can be reached at 1-866-925-4419.

The Indian Residential School Survivors Society is a British Columbia-based organization providing services to residential school survivors for over 20 years. It started by helping residential school survivors navigate the court systems and has since expanded to help residential school survivors and engage in community education for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. You can donate here

latest episodes

It feels immoral to celebrate and have fireworks when a  majority of your neighbors are holding a funeral for 1,323 undocumented  First Nation’s children, especially when the numbers of these horrific discoveries continue to climb rapidly. July 1, on Portage & Main at 1 pm, three individuals are inviting the Winnipeg community not to celebrate the country that tried to remove its Indigenous People but to join together for an Every Child Matters Walk. The mission is to increase awareness of what has and is happening to Indigenous communities and identify the children buried at residential schools, bringing them home, and giving a safe space for survivors. Their truths deserve to be amplified and validated after being silenced for so long.

Find out more:

Vivian Ketchum is a residential school survivor and has healed enough to share her story. With the news of the 751 discovery of 751 unmarked graves near a former Saskatchewan residential school, awareness of this institution needs to continue to ensure these stories are not forgotten. U Multicultural is sharing the stories of Indigenous people as a part of the “We Stand Together” initiative for residential schools awareness.

The news of these lost children pained Nii Gaani Aki Inini (Leading Earth Man), Elder Dr. David Courchene of The Turtle Lodge International Centre for Indigenous Education and Wellness in Sagkeeng First Nation. He now turns his thoughts to today’s and tomorrow’s children and asking what sort of world will we leave for them.

Ray (Coco) Stevenson is a well-known traditional singer and drummer from Manitoba. Ray shared his thoughts and feeling upon hearing the news of the 215 children and the devastating effect Residential Schools had on survivors living in Winnipeg.

Gerry (Gramma) Shingoose is a residential school survivor attending Muscowequan Residential School from 1962 to 1971. Gramma Shingoose shares her thoughts on the 215 children found and her traumatic experiences, which were residential school.
Since Sunday, May 30, Manitoba’s First Nations members have been holding a four-day ceremony in front of Manitoba’s Legislative building, honouring the lives of the 215 children who were found and honouring the survivors for their truths resiliency, and stories.
Organizer Alayh McIvor shares her thoughts and feelings on this haunting news.

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