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Digital Ethnocultural Radio station focused on diverse communities of Canada presented by U Multicultural. 

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U Multicultural has been positioned as a broadcaster and media platform focused on diverse communities. The idea of implementing the web-based radio station for the ethnocultural communities of Manitoba and Canada is another unique component of the media platform. U Radio is the digital hub, where diverse communities can share their voices, music, and stories.

U Talk is a Talk Show hosted by Ryan Funk, highlighting native-born and new Canadians’ cultures and experiences.

Everyone has a story to tell. Those who moved to Canada have a wealth of knowledge and experiences that I and many others may never have. This radio show allows people to learn from personal experiences, struggles, backgrounds, and cultures of communities that may not have their voices heard.

latest episodes

U Talk Ep 21 – Leslie Wilder

As technology develops the world is becoming more interconnected, and business is becoming increasingly international dependent.
There is no better source to learn from those pursuing education in international business than Leslie Wilder, who has both the knowledge and experience.

U Talk Ep 20 – Casimiro Nhussi

Our culture is in everything we do. It influences our food, music, and our dancing.
Casimiro Nhussi embraces that principle but gives it a personal flair. Musician, choreographer, and artistic director of Nafro Dance Productions, Casimiro is heavily involved in art and has been since he was a young boy.

U Talk Ep 19 – Sharan Tappia

To recognize what women do in society and for each of us, each day was why Asian Women in Winnipeg was started.
Sharan Tappia is one of the founding members. She shares a little about her life and how her experiences led her to help create the organization.

U Talk Ep 18- Keisha Paul

International business is fascinating, working with others to overcome cultural and language barriers to achieve success.
Keisha Paul seems to have figured out the code.
Owner of Keisha R. Paul Consulting, and has worked in countries around the world. Keisha knows the value of formal education and practical experience.

U Talk Ep 17 – Xavier Mutshipayi

Xavier Nkunda Mutshipayi is a painter living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, who shares his journey moving from the Democratic Republic of Congo, his inspirations, and some of his secrets to finding success as an artist.

U Talk Ep 16 – John Allan

John Allan is a Trainer, educator, writer, presenter. A dedicated education specialist with diverse experience-driven to learn, teach and innovate. John touches on the shift to online learning during the pandemic and services for educators and students.
Want to help others access the internet and technology? Instead of throwing out your old computer, donate.

U Talk Ep 15 – Ally Nazarie Gonzalo

Representation in media is important. However, many people never get to see someone like themselves in movies, magazines, or on the Internet. When people of colour or other minority groups are showcased in media it’s often in the form of tokenism.

Ally Nazarie Gonzalo, an immigrant from the Philippines and a member of the FillipnX community, wanted to change that through his photography. 

U Talk Ep 14 – Tatjana Brkic

Tatjana Brkic has an impressive resume, say the least, Mentor HEC Paris, Consultant UNEP, Red River Applied Business Research & International Business Faculty, and Participant TEDx Active.

She also helped create Square Metre for Peace, an inspirer and facilitator of a grassroots movement working together for positive peace locally, nationally and internationally.

U Talk Ep 13 – Taiwo Luro

Taiwo Luro is a massive proprietor of technology and believes if you don’t get on board with it, you’ll fall behind. A Career Consultant/E-Learning Specialist, Taiwo has applied his personal and professional experiences to help newcomers find and succeed in their careers.

U Talk Ep 12 – Kelly Bado

Music has always been a part of is a bilingual singer-songwriter Kelly Bado’s life. She combines her life, African heritage, la chanson française, and American gospel to create a unique.

Coming from West Africa, she never expected her style would come across as enjoyable here in Canada.

U Talk Ep 11 – Andrew Unger

What is a Mennonite?

Andrew Unger is the creator of The Daily Bonnet, a satirical website that breaks down Mennonite culture and life. He recently had a book published, called “Once removed, a humorous book about Mennonites which explores the real costs of “progress.”

Andrew shares The Plautdietsch Code: Knacking the Mystery of Mennonites.

U Talk Ep 10 – Jewel White

Manitoba has a flourishing Filipino Community, and a region that has seen significant growth in that community is the Pembina Valley, a rural region south of Winnipeg.

Jewel Miralles White is part of the Morden Filipino community and is a licensed veterinarian.

Although her license wasn’t recognized when she first moved, she was dedicated to continuing practicing here in Canada, following through on exams and state boards.


U Talk Ep 9 – Rena Elbaze

Winnipeg and Manitoba have a vibrant Jewish community and have been home to many since the mid-1870s.

This year, the oldest synagogue in Winnipeg, Congregation Shaarey Zedek, is celebrating its 130th anniversary.

Rena Secter Elbaze is the Director of Engagement and Education, a new position since 2016.

U Talk Ep 8 – Miguel Hernandez

How do you succeed in the media industry? Well Miguel Hernandez, seems to have cracked that code. 

Miguel has been heavily involved in media, working for video productions both in front and behind the camera. He has also been involved in animation.

Miguel has been passionately sharing his experiences for media creating tutorials on the Grumo Media YouTube Channel on how people can make a living teaching online.

U Talk Ep 7 – Elton Hubner

Elton Hubner is a journalist, photographer, owner of Eyes Multimedia, and now an award-winning filmmaker with his passion project, The Fit Generation.

Born in Brazil to European immigrants, Elton has visited dozens of countries and has lived in Canada for the past ten years.

U Talk Ep 6 – Laura Castillo

Laura Castillo was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her parents were political refugees who fled the dictatorship in Chile. Laura’s family would then move back to Chile when she was 12.

The experiences of her parents and her own living in Chile inspired Laura to dedicate herself to teaching. She is an EAL/ESL teacher and launched online classes through BRIDGES English Language School.

U Talk Ep 5 – Sweta Rajan

Work can have its ups and downs, but many immigrants may experience unfair biases and microaggressions from colleagues or employers beyond cultural and language barriers.

That’s what Sweta Rajan experienced when working in the United States. After moving to Canada and into more senior roles at businesses, she created spaces where diverse voices are valued equally. She would later work with other immigrant women to make the organization Immigrant and International Women in Science.

U Talk Ep 4 – Sadudee and Janfong Sae-Phan

Sadudee and Janfong Sae-Phan moved from Thailand to Canada, searching for a new life and opening a Thai restaurant. That journey would separate them for three years, as Janfong worked abroad, creating the avenue for her family to come over.

U Talk Ep 3 – Sonja Lundstrom

The Scandinavian Cultural Centre of Winnipeg is a volunteer-driven organization, with members joining clubs of the five Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with Sonja Lundstrom, President of the Swedish Cultural Association of Manitoba.

U Talk Ep 2 – Adolfo Cuetara

Featuring Adolfo Cuetara, Executive Director of the CFDC. Adolfo moved to Canada from Spain in 2012 and continued to pursue a career in paleontology.

U Talk Ep 1 – Ethno Fest 2020

Featuring Reuben Garang, Alma De La Torre, Ana Lopez and Luana Cunha from Ethno Fest 2020.

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