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U Multicultural Streams “Spadok,” A Video Series Honouring Ukrainian Heritage

Taya Rtichsheva, founder and Executive Director of U Multicultural, spoke with CBC Manitoba about the conflict happening in Ukraine.
With the continued aggression of Putin’s war against the Ukrainian people, citizens are fighting back on all fronts.  
The idea of ​​creating the videos was born thanks to the collaboration of the company FILM.UA, Ukrainian singer Rosava, her husband – director and camera operator Olexyi Guz and the Ukrainian Institute of Fashion History.

FILM.UA Group, the largest AV production company in Ukraine, has released its 26 episode series “Spadok” to media companies worldwide.

“Ukraine has received unprecedented support from the world, and we would like to strengthen it with content that will tell citizens around the world about our country. We believe in the power of cultural diplomacy even in the darkest crises, so we ask you to support our initiative and help to spread it around the world.” – FILM.UA Group.

Each video recreates the ethnic image of a particular region of Ukraine, demonstrating how Ukrainian women looked in the 19th and 20th centuries depending on age, social affiliation, and historical and cultural area of residence.  

As the conflict escalates, Canadians with ties to both countries are in horror as they can only watch as things unfold. Taya Rtichsheva, founder and Executive Director of U Multicultural, has Russian and Ukrainian Heritage. It has been excruciating for her to see the devastation of Ukraine and its people. 

“No one expected this. In the current world, something like this was thought to be impossible. But it happened.”

Born and raised in Kazakhstan, with her grandparents and mother from Ukraine and family in Russia, Rtichsheva is deeply tied to the entire region. The war machine pushed by Putin ravages Ukraine and the whole area, tearing apart friends and families and causing massive economic turmoil. 

“I feel sorrow and hopelessness. This is what I feel, and this is what my friends feel here in Canada, Ukraine, and Russia. They don’t know what to do. Canadians should understand there is a connection between the Russian people and the Ukrainian people. We share a similar heritage, one group of languages we speak. People in Russia have friends and family in Ukraine and Ukrainians friends and family in Russia. This conflict will have irreparable consequences,” says Rtichsheva.

U Multicultural is taking on this call to action, sharing the message of FILM.UA Group and Ukrainians. “Spadok” will be streamed on U Multicultural’s website, Facebook, and YouTube, with promotion over its social media pages. 

“Since 2019, U Multicultural here in Manitoba has served many ethnocultural communities, including Ukrainian. By broadcasting the “Spadok,” we would like to bring awareness of Ukrainian culture, history and traditions and support the Ukrainian community of Manitoba and Canada. Our purpose is to unite people with diverse backgrounds under one umbrella and give them a chance to share their voices freely. We will continue working on it and support peace and friendship.”

Watch the 26 episode series “Spadok” here:

– U Multicultural, Ryan Funk

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of U Multicultural.

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