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Transportation and Access to Technology in Schools A Key Focus for MLA Candidate

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Transportation, shortage of schools, and the lack of technologies available for kids at schools are three issues MLA candidate for St. Vital Saima Aziz is focusing on in her election campaign.

Saima believes that we, all together, can make Winnipeg’s economy stronger, taxes lower and social services available to anyone.

Journalist Zuher Almusre spoke with Aziz to get more details about issues faced by St. Vital residents and how the candidate plans to overcome these challenges and support the community of St. Vital. Aziz said, “We are here for a better economy, governance, law, and order. We plan to make Winnipeg streets safer, Improve the health system, and better quality of life for all Winnipeg residents.”
She adds that we face challenges in our schools and must address them and ensure that every student has access to the best education technology in all Winnipeg schools.

Aziz continued that we need to provide the newcomers with more opportunities for training to improve themselves. Also, they need to develop the Canadian experience to meet the Canadian labour market requirements. So, in this case, they will be a good fit for any open positions in their field.

According to Aziz, the health system in Canada needs a plan of improvement. “We in Winnipeg are not the worst cities in terms of health. Many Canadian cities have long hours in the waiting area to see a doctor in the emergency room. We need to double the number of medical staff to alleviate the pain of patients who are waiting outside, some of them children and seniors, who cannot wait all this time.”

During this episode, Aziz talked about many other topics, such as taxes, transportation, and her plan to improve the quality of life in her area and Winnipeg.

– Zuher Almusre, U Multicultural

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