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The Government of Manitoba Is Providing More Than $750,000 To Support Many Accessibility Projects

In support of more than thirty different accessibility projects throughout the province, the government of Manitoba is providing more than seven hundred thousand dollars to various non-profits, educational institutions, municipalities, and businesses. 

Regarding this news, Rochelle Squires, the Families Minister, also responsible for accessibility, commented, “The MAF was established to help organizations make the changes necessary to improve accessibility to their services, thereby enhancing the lives of all Manitobans and allowing everyone to participate more fully in their communities, today’s funding will assist 30 projects that promote accessibility and inclusivity for all. It’s exciting to see the variety of work the inaugural grants from the fund are supporting across the province.”

The government of Manitoba is providing this funding through The Manitoba Accessibility Fund, launched in 2021; it was funded with an investment of more than twenty million dollars to increase the promotion of “compliance with The Accessibility for Manitobans Act.” The Accessibility for Manitobans Act is a law that ensures “accessibility in important areas of everyday life.”

Many Manitobans are thankful for this doing, considering that it will raise awareness and help Manitobans with their burdens. “I think it’s a good step, and my grandparents will for sure appreciate it because they have a lot of friends with disabilities and hearing this news kind of got them excited since their friends are going to be getting more support in the upcoming months.” said a Manitoban when asked about her opinion regarding this topic.


– Halla Alhamed, U Multicultural

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of U Multicultural.


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