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The Creation of a New Cancer Treatment Program Has Begun in Manitoba

Cancer has been a disease affecting millions and millions of people every year for thousands of years, and a cure has not been found yet. It’s a complicated disease that affects the most important thing for humans, DNA. Since no cure can be found for cancer, many treatments have been created and discovered to help patients either heal or slow down the disease’s progression.

Manitoba has been advancing its cancer treatment options. On January 9th, 2023, Manitoba introduced a new treatment program called the (CAR) T-cell cancer therapy program in CancerCare Manitoba.

“This is a relatively new area of life-saving cancer therapy, and we are pleased to support CancerCare to bring it to Manitoba,” said Gordon. “The ability to receive this specialized care close to home, as well as a person’s health-care team and other support systems, are incredibly important. Strengthening how we care for patients right here in Manitoba is a significant priority for our government,” said Audrey Gordon, Minister of Health.

This treatment is specified for people that do not respond well to conventional treatments—most people with blood cancers and cases like lymphoma. “We will now be able to provide life-saving CAR-T therapy to patients closer to home, close to their families and support systems, which is very important for their recovery and a priority for CancerCare Manitoba. We are very grateful to the Manitoba government for recognizing and funding this treatment.” said the president of CancerCare Manitoba, Dr. Sri Navaratnam.

Hopefully, this will improve the quality of treatment for Manitobans and make this very hard experience easier for them.

– Halla Alhamed, U Multicultural

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