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Taking Off the Mask: Integrity and Honesty to Find Success

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Connections are vital to the human experience. Whether connecting personally or for business, communicating effectively and understanding someone’s perspective can be the difference between success and failure. 

Through her time as a business consultant, the host of a radio morning show, and hosting events, Keisha Paul has figured out how to find the story behind a situation, utilizing that skill of connection to find success. Even though Paul has been all over the world for business and enjoys connecting with people and embracing new opportunities, there are moments when she is apprehensive of what lies ahead, but we shouldn’t let fear dictate how we live our lives. 

“There are times when I really want something, and I’ve heard people talk about it as the terror barrier. It literally comes when you make a big, lofty goal, and you’re so excited about it. When you have to take the first major step, it feels like everything is coming between you and that thing.”

According to Paul, the terror barrier can prevent you from accomplishing many things. It can hinder you from taking a grandparent to a doctor’s appointment, dealing with taxes, pursuing a new relationship or job opportunity, or moving to a new country. Paul often filled her time with unimportant or non-urgent tasks, distracting herself from what she wanted to do because she was terrified of taking those first steps and the potential of failure. However, this barrier can be insightful because the fear of failure indicates that whatever you’re afraid of is incredibly important.

Overcoming that barrier has propelled Paul into a successful career, boasting over a decade of international experience coaching entrepreneurs and training individuals in starting, operating, and expanding new businesses. She not only hosts events but also produces the Weekend Morning Show on CBC. Despite meeting people from around the world and years of experience in the business, she was initially terrified of making mistakes and appearing foolish. Taking the chance she will always be grateful for the opportunity.

“I would caution everybody of the whole idea of, oh, I don’t want to get out of my comfort zone. If you really think about it, nothing really happens in the comfort zone. You may eat some potato chips and enjoy some good Netflix in your comfort zone, but you won’t do anything big. I kind of had to get used to being afraid and do it anyway.” 

Overcoming fear isn’t the only reason Paul has found success. Paul has a unique approach to business, utilizing human connection and the creativity of art in her endeavours and not allowing herself to be defined by labels. For Paul, it’s about honesty and looking outside business norms for herself and her clients. She explains that in business, you learn to put a facade. To hide behind titles and broadcast your accomplishments and successes. However, it’s all a mask, defining yourself not for who you are but for trinkets and names. Paul’s time at CBC helped strip her of these notions, present her as her authentic self, and encourage her to engage with others through honesty and integrity.

“If you’re authentic, people feel authentic. I used to speak in a high-level language, and I realized it was a defence mechanism that if I came up with an encyclopedia I was reciting, maybe you wouldn’t mess with me in the board room. It’s stupid, really.”

Paul’s approach is to love people, be curious, and take a creative approach to business and life. Paul feels that her clients are creating art together, telling their stories through business and helping them express themselves. She encourages all to be authentically and open with others, not to be afraid of changes or to define themselves with titles or deeds. To find your story and live it.  

– Ryan Funk, U Multicultural

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