Pride Month is underway. The month is dedicated to the education and normalization of diverse gender identities, sexual orientations, and relationships. It was only in 2004 that Manitoba became the fifth province in Canada to legalize same-sex marriage.  Progress has always been hard fought for, with 250 individuals ready toContinue Reading

Calgary and Winnipeg continue to be the epicentres of Asian-led and Asian-produced production nationally and internationally.  Celebrating May 2-5 in Calgary and May 24-26 in Winnipeg, the FascinAsian Film Festival embraces the stories of the Asian experience, encouraging future representation of the people who consume media in an industry whichContinue Reading

For many in Winnipeg, there is anxiety and fear, with stories of violence and crime often feeling like the norm. There isn’t much to feel optimistic about with crumbling streets, failing businesses, and reduced funding for community initiatives and projects.  However, Winnipeggers aren’t taking this lying down with grassroots movementsContinue Reading

After each long winter, Manitobans eagerly await the warm embrace of the summer. However, there’s a long stretch of muddy streets, dirty buildings, and trash-filled roads before summer’s embrace arrives.  Litter and graffiti not only bring down an area’s visual appeal but also affect our psychology. Exposure to littered environmentsContinue Reading

Since the 1990s, business investors, skilled workers and international students had a pathway toward permanent residency through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). The program is undergoing significant changes as the province looks to address outmigration by prioritizing applicants who already have family in Manitoba.  Labour and Immigration Minister MalayaContinue Reading