Joanne Brown is a seasoned social worker who has spent 35 years navigating the complexities of family dynamics, particularly in the context of parenting and the parent-child relationship. Brown, who also serves as the coach chair of the Attachment Network of Manitoba, brings a wealth of experience and insightContinue Reading Dr. Shade, the founder of the Leadership Synergy Institute, is a beacon of empowerment and inspiration for many. With a passion for helping individuals unlock their full potential, Dr. Shade’s journey began with a simple yet profound desire to uplift others.  In her own words, she expresses, “There isContinue Reading Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Jhocelin Gilbert embarked on a journey she never anticipated. This journey would see her emerge as a key connector within her community. Starting with a simple Instagram platform focused on sharing recipes, Jhocelin quickly realized that her audience craved more than culinary tips. They sought connection andContinue Reading In a chat with Jennifer Beitz, we discussed stress and how it impacts us.  Jennifer says, “I’ve learned a lot from the people I work with. I feel like I’m learning as much as I’m teaching.” She’s been teaching adults for two years and also works as a life coach. She thinks teachingContinue Reading Robyn Penner, a champion for fairness and acceptance, shares her experiences and knowledge about a tricky issue: microaggressions. These little comments might seem small but can hurt people, especially those from different cultures or backgrounds.  Penner’s journey started with her family, comprised of people from different cultures. She noticedContinue Reading As the global landscape continues to evolve, so too does the workforce, with diversity and cultural integration becoming increasingly prevalent. Melanie Olfert, a seasoned workplace trainer and university instructor with over 15 years of experience, sheds light on the significance of soft skills for newcomers navigating the Canadian workplace.Continue Reading In the pursuit of academic excellence in Canada, understanding the significance of education is paramount. Ali Hashmi, a university instructor, emphasizes the importance of setting goals and expectations to navigate the educational journey successfully.  Upon arriving in Canada with aspirations to study in academic institutions, Hashmi advises newcomers toContinue Reading In the dynamic landscape of English language instruction and cultural integration, Leah Mitchell stands out as a seasoned English language instructor passionate about working with diverse cultures. With a background deeply rooted in adult education, Mitchell has dedicated herself to helping individuals and ensuring their success in the competitiveContinue Reading With the growing number of immigrants in Manitoba seeking to establish a home, they often encounter challenges securing one. Mortgage Advisor Michelle Zabaro sheds light on the intricacies of the homebuying process in Canada, particularly in Manitoba.  Zabaro emphasizes the need for clear understanding and strategic planning when aspiringContinue Reading In a heart-to-heart conversation with Lis Marroquin Jilani, an experienced Early Childhood Educator, we explored the intricacies of parenting and the evolving dynamics of communication within families, particularly in cultural differences. Lis, with her extensive background in childcare and education, shared profound insights on discipline, communication, and the importanceContinue Reading