With the growing number of immigrants in Manitoba seeking to establish a home, they often encounter challenges securing one. Mortgage Advisor Michelle Zabaro sheds light on the intricacies of the homebuying process in Canada, particularly in Manitoba.  Zabaro emphasizes the need for clear understanding and strategic planning when aspiringContinue Reading In a heart-to-heart conversation with Lis Marroquin Jilani, an experienced Early Childhood Educator, we explored the intricacies of parenting and the evolving dynamics of communication within families, particularly in cultural differences. Lis, with her extensive background in childcare and education, shared profound insights on discipline, communication, and the importanceContinue Reading Communication is the cornerstone of human interaction, a bridge that connects us across diverse backgrounds, cultures, and personalities. In a world where people constantly find themselves in new places and situations, the ability to express oneself in a common language becomes a valuable skill.  Faezeh Khadem, an English teacher,Continue Reading In a recent interview with Nataly Ponce, a resilient immigrant living in Canada, we explored the often-overlooked topic of mental health within the immigrant community. Ponce shared her personal journey and shed light on the challenges immigrants face, urging for increased awareness and understanding. According to Ponce, mental healthContinue Reading In a candid interview with Dr. Angel Castro, a resident physician in Family Medicine, we gain valuable insights into the challenges newcomers to Canada face when trying to understand and navigate the country’s health care system. Dr. Castro sheds light on the differences in expectations, the significance of havingContinue Reading