It’s no secret that community and non-profit media organizations, which play a crucial role in representing underrepresented groups, have long been excluded from key revenue sources. Consequently, the number of community media organizations across Canada has drastically declined and may never recover. Despite an increasing demand for their services, communityContinue Reading

July 1st marked Canada Day, the 157th anniversary of confederation in 1867. For so long, people across the country celebrated wholeheartedly, proud of their flag and country. In today’s day and age, as we work to address reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous people, the interpretation of Canada Day has changed forContinue Reading

“The National Security Committee indicates there are members of this House who have knowingly worked for foreign hostile governments.”  A redacted report released early in June by Canadian intelligence services states there is evidence that federal politicians had collaborated with foreign governments in order to advance their personal interests. TheContinue Reading

The Government of Canada has identified community television and radio broadcasters as essential pillars of the nation’s media landscape. These community media outlets are uniquely positioned, offering irreplaceable services that commercial broadcasters cannot match. Unlike commercial media, community media are owned and governed by volunteer boards of directors and managedContinue Reading

Since the 1990s, business investors, skilled workers and international students had a pathway toward permanent residency through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). The program is undergoing significant changes as the province looks to address outmigration by prioritizing applicants who already have family in Manitoba.  Labour and Immigration Minister MalayaContinue Reading