Канадський музей прав людини зібрав повну залу на мітинг до другої річниці вторгнення Росії в Україну. Сьогодні тут сотні українців, які вимушено опинились за кордоном, просять уряд Канади не забувати про них. Розуміючи силу своєї єдності, українці Вінніпегу борються за мирне майбутнє своєї батьківщини та не дають світу звикнутиContinue Reading

On February 19th, Louis Riel Day in Manitoba, Premier Wab Kinew met with Manitoba Métis Federation President David Chartrand to unveil a new plaque and portrait of Louis Riel at the Manitoba Legislature. This marks the first Louis Riel Day after Riel was designated the first premier of Manitoba. TheContinue Reading Fernanda Vallejo, fundadora y directora ejecutiva de Latinas Manitoba, es una mujer con una misión. Proveniente de Quito, Ecuador, la trayectoria de Fernanda ha sido un tapiz de experiencias diversas, desde estudiar hospitalidad y gastronomía hasta una carrera como instructora de artes marciales y administradora de hoteles y restaurantes.Continue Reading Communication is the cornerstone of human interaction, a bridge that connects us across diverse backgrounds, cultures, and personalities. In a world where people constantly find themselves in new places and situations, the ability to express oneself in a common language becomes a valuable skill.  Faezeh Khadem, an English teacher,Continue Reading Winnipeg, a city known for its diverse cultural heritage and vibrant artistic community, has been the birthplace for talents like Aidan Ritchie, an artist, actor, and storyteller whose passion for storytelling was ignited by the magic of movies and fantasies. “I guess just watching movies and reading fantasies gotContinue Reading In an insightful conversation with Jaime Chinchilla, a seasoned Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisor and Consultant, we delved into his experiences as a newcomer in Canada and his vision for fostering diversity in the workplace. With 17 years of living in Canada under his belt, Chinchilla brings a uniqueContinue Reading In the heart of Winnipeg, Mike Chin has emerged as a dedicated advocate for the Employment and Income Assistance Program (EIA), demonstrating the power of personal passion to drive positive change in communities.  Through his efforts, Chin has not only assisted individuals in navigating the EIA application process butContinue Reading