To support Winnipeg’s diverse communities, Healthy Muslim Families (HMF) held an event of critical importance, a family law clinic. This invaluable initiative was tailored to provide legal guidance and support for newcomers and immigrants seeking legal advice. Humaira Jaleel, executive director at Healthy Muslim Families, explained that many womenContinue Reading Healthy Muslim Families (HMF) proactively addressed a pressing health concern by organizing the Diabetes Awareness Workshop. This pivotal event aimed to shine a spotlight on diabetes, an issue of paramount importance in Winnipeg and served as an educational platform, providing vital information, support, and strategies to combat and manageContinue Reading In the heart of Winnipeg, Healthy Muslim Families is making waves by providing essential services to newcomers and residents, particularly Muslim women, in a culturally relevant and sensitive manner. Founded by Humaira Jaleel, the organization has a clear mission: to strengthen and empower families through services, workshops, and supportContinue Reading Winnipeg embarked on a cultural journey in late October that holds special significance for the Winnipeg Muslim community. The 3rd Annual Islamic Art Gala, held at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, organized by Healthy Muslim Families in collaboration with WAG-Qaumajuq, is a unique venue for cultural expression and community engagement.Continue Reading