Coming around last year was a TikTok trend different than what one may expect from a social media outlet. It’s called silent walking, where one puts away all their technology, primarily their phone when going for a walk. No texting, no music, no podcasts. Only the sounds of your surroundingsContinue Reading

As we enter February, Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s important that we recognize the mental health struggles many Canadians face every day. Despite a very mild winter across the country – with the exception of a few particularly cold and snowy weeks – many Canadians are facing a familiar foe:Continue Reading

According to a study published in Lancet Psychiatry, cannabis use early in life impacts the later diagnosis of psychosis among vulnerable individuals.  Chronic cannabis use more than twice per week is claimed to be consistently associated with the onset of various mental health disorders, while use more frequently than twice perContinue Reading