Promoting well-being among both the young and elderly members of the community while preserving Filipino culture is a key aspect of the Filipino Seniors Group of Winnipeg (FSGW). FSGW hosted the first Seniors Sports Fest last March, featuring popular games, including pool, darts, chess and Filipino Sungka. The efforts promoted socialization,Continue Reading Thanks to establishing a new chapter of the Bear Clan Patrol, neighbourhoods in Northwest Winnipeg have become safer.  In 2020, Gary started walking with the Bear Clan Patrol. After a series of break-ins and vandalism in the neighbourhood, he formed a small community-run watch group called Northwest Watchers PatrolContinue Reading

For many in Winnipeg, there is anxiety and fear, with stories of violence and crime often feeling like the norm. There isn’t much to feel optimistic about with crumbling streets, failing businesses, and reduced funding for community initiatives and projects.  However, Winnipeggers aren’t taking this lying down with grassroots movementsContinue Reading

With the coming new year and holiday festivities happening for many, some among us will come together with friends and family to celebrate another year with parties and dinners. While we celebrate, it is easy to lose sight of how the holidays are for the less fortunate, those many whoContinue Reading