In family law, cultural factors often play a significant role in shaping perspectives on divorce and separation. Ketki Purohit, an experienced legal professional, sheds light on the evolving landscape of family dynamics, emphasizing the need for open conversations and support systems. According to Purohit, cultural influences have posed hurdlesContinue Reading In the dynamic world of health care, Dr. Kerenjeet Sandu stands out as a passionate advocate for community well-being, especially in the context of substance addiction in the Asian community. In this insightful interview, Dr. Sandu shares her journey and sheds light on the multifaceted aspects of addiction, emphasizingContinue Reading In the tapestry of Rita Chahal’s life, woven with the threads of resilience and determination, lies a narrative that transcends borders and cultures. As the executive director of the Mood Disorders Association, Rita brings a wealth of personal experiences and a fervent commitment to destigmatizing mental health within immigrantContinue Reading This November, the Latin Roots Dance Group and Association orchestrated a vibrant and culturally enriching event, Expo Moda Arte 2023. It was not just a showcase of fashion and art—the celebration aimed to spotlight the vibrant Latino communities in Winnipeg. The event was a testament to the Latino communities’Continue Reading Healthy Muslim Families (HMF) proactively addressed a pressing health concern by organizing the Diabetes Awareness Workshop. This pivotal event aimed to shine a spotlight on diabetes, an issue of paramount importance in Winnipeg and served as an educational platform, providing vital information, support, and strategies to combat and manageContinue Reading The Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute (CMWI) organized a poignant and crucial event: the Family Violence Awareness Session. This gathering was pivotal in raising awareness about an issue affecting countless lives in Winnipeg. This event stands as a testament to the proactive efforts of CMWI in addressing sensitive topics andContinue Reading A transformative event that impacts lives in Winnipeg is the Food Rescue FUN-raiser, hosted at Trans Canada Brewing by the Leftovers Foundation. This evening is not about enjoying food and drinks but about rallying the community around a vital cause directly impacting Winnipeggers’ lives. At this event, Civic JournalistContinue Reading In early November, at Winnipeg’s The Leaf in Assiniboine Park, Recreation Manitoba organized the Therapeutic Recreation Conference, a beacon for anyone supporting others through recreational pursuits. Tailored for caregivers, programmers, and aides, the Therapeutic Recreation Conference presented diverse sessions to provide those dedicated to tending to others with newContinue Reading