Ми чули не раз подібне висловлювання: “Хочеш виховати дитину певним чином – не проблема, але спочатку спробуй виховати сам себе”. Однак, попри категоричність цього твердження, авторка книги “(Не)Щасливе батьківство” Гантер Кларк-Філдс чудово розуміє – ми не живемо у стерильному вакуумі. Часто ми самі зростали у емоційно незрілих сім’ях, томуContinue Reading Jacki Wild runs the first Philippine restaurant in Winnipeg’s south end. However, her background is not in food but in the non-profit sector, communications, marketing and fund-raising roles before ending up as a restaurant owner. Inspired by the Manitoba Filipino Business Council, she took the leap of faith, startingContinue Reading Promoting well-being among both the young and elderly members of the community while preserving Filipino culture is a key aspect of the Filipino Seniors Group of Winnipeg (FSGW). FSGW hosted the first Seniors Sports Fest last March, featuring popular games, including pool, darts, chess and Filipino Sungka. The efforts promoted socialization,Continue Reading Thanks to establishing a new chapter of the Bear Clan Patrol, neighbourhoods in Northwest Winnipeg have become safer.  In 2020, Gary started walking with the Bear Clan Patrol. After a series of break-ins and vandalism in the neighbourhood, he formed a small community-run watch group called Northwest Watchers PatrolContinue Reading Canada allows individuals to transition from a tourist visa to a work visa through various programs and pathways, primarily to address labour shortages in certain sectors, promote economic growth, and meet the needs of Canadian employers.  Under a temporary rule effective until the end of February 2025, visitors who receive aContinue Reading The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is undergoing a strategic transformation to improve the chances of approval for potential immigrants who have family connections in the province. Labour and Immigration Minister Malaya Marcelino, speaking on behalf of the NDP government, emphasized the program’s emphasis on family ties and theContinue Reading Brought up by Filipino frontline worker parents, Jelynn dela Cruz embodies the values that shaped her character.  Inspired by Philippine’s national hero, whose death anniversary falls on her birthday, MLA Jelynn Dela Cruz uses her position to empower and uplift her fellow Filipinos in Manitoba. Before becoming one of the youngest MLAsContinue Reading Roselyn Advincula, Director of Settlement Services, and Gennica Luce, client, intern and temporary front desk staff at the Immigrant Centre Manitoba, explain how Immigrant Centre Manitoba helps newcomers reach their potential.  Immigrant Centre Manitoba has been serving Manitoba’s newcomer community since 1948. Their mission is to help newcomers succeedContinue Reading