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Stella Hryniuk: How Did Canada Become Home To The World’s Second-Largest Ukrainian Diaspora?

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Canada is home to 1.4 million people of Ukrainian descent – the world’s second-largest Ukrainian diaspora, comprising nearly 4 per cent of the population, making them the largest Slavic group in Canada. 

Ukrainian immigrants and their descendants have left a profound mark on the development of Canada. How did this happen, and what does it mean for Canada? Dr. Stella Hryniuk can help sort things out in these and other questions. 

Dr. Hryniuk is a professor of history with expertise in the history of Ukrainians in Canada. She is one of the pioneer historians who established the field of Ukrainian Canadian Studies and had an essential role in founding the Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies. How did this happen? How did Canada become home to the world’s second-largest Ukrainian diaspora, and what are the historical reasons for the emigration of Ukrainians to Canada?

– Yuliia Kovalenko, U Multicultural

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