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in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, u multicultural has launched a campaign to stand up for peace and freedom.

Film.UA GROUP grants the right to stream the project "SPADOK" /Heritage/ to our channel.



The series of short atmospheric videos is dedicated to Ukrainian culture, traditions, folk customs from their origins to the present. 

Each video recreates the ethnic image of a particular region of Ukraine. The characters of the project are bright and original girls and women of Ukraine, with different characters, and of various ages who fascinate with a combination of simplicity and dignity.

SPADOK Ukraine 2022


“In this critical time, we are united as never before and stories are powerful weapons capable to influence the world.”FILM.UA Group

On The Ukraine Crisis

"Ukraine has received unprecedented support from the world, and we would like to strengthen it with content that will tell citizens around the world about our country. We believe in the power of cultural diplomacy even in the darkest crises, so we ask you to support our initiative and help to spread it around the world." - FILM.UA Group

More on the Ukraine Crisis

Opinion: Ukraine Crisis

With tensions between Russia and Ukraine high, members of the Ukrainian Canadian community express their thoughts on this ever-evolving situation.

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Thursday, February 24, 2022, Vladimir Putin invaded the sovereign nation of Ukraine. Ukrainians watch in horror as their friends, family, and culture are ruthlessly attacked.

Many Ukrainian-Canadians are doing what they can to support the brave Ukrainians fighting to preserve their way of life. Yevgeniya Tatarenko and many community members have created Help Ukraine: Morden, an organization collecting resources and supplies and shipping them to Ukraine.

This interview was conducted on April 07, 2022.

Bohdana Kornelyuk immigrated to Canada four years ago to study, pursuing a master’s degree. Bohdana now works in Canada.

With her family still living in Ukraine, she’s had restless nights as the invasion from Russia continues. She now speaks out with thousands of other Ukrainian Canadians for the world’s leaders to aid her home country.

This interview was conducted on February 25, 2022.

Dr. Orest Cap and his brother Alexander share their thoughts and messages from family and friends as Moscow attacks the sovereign borders of Ukraine. 

Dr. Cap is a professor emeritus from the University of Manitoba and holds a Ph.D. in technical-vocational education, and Alexander the Principal at Holy Cross School. Both have friends and family in Ukraine, some in the eastern region. 

This interview was conducted on February 24, 2022.

Valerii Pasko is a Ukrainian community member in Winnipeg, Manitoba, who immigrated to Canada 11 years ago. An active member of his community, Pasko is a co-publisher of the Ukrainian Winnipeg Magazine. 

Pasko’s parents still live in Ukraine and keep him updated with the situation transpiring on the country’s border. 

This interview was conducted on January 29, 2022.

As diplomatic measures are taken between NATO nations and Putin, the people of Ukraine wait in uncertainty about what the future will bring.

A retired professor from the Saint Andrews College at the University of Manitoba, Dr. Roman Yereniuk, discusses the history of Ukraine. Its declaration of independence in 1991, and his thoughts on the current crisis the country is facing.

This interview was conducted on January 27, 2022.

Dr. Orest Cap is a professors emeritus from the University of Manitoba and holds a Ph.D. in technical-vocational education. Dr. Cap has been published in various national and international journals and has been involved in several research initiatives with Ukraine.

Dr. Cap breaks down how the current crisis in Ukraine has affected its people and the international community.

This interview was conducted on January 26, 2022.