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Social Isolation is One of the Most Significant Challenges Facing Seniors in Winnipeg

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Many Seniors in Winnipeg face social isolation. According to the Government of Canada, it is essential to raise awareness and compassion to assist organizations, friends, family members, and communities in addressing the specific social needs of these seniors, many of whom may be unable to voice their concerns to others.

Mian Hameed, a U Multicultural Channel volunteer host, chatted with Dr. Farouk and Laila Chebib, Muslim Community Elders in Winnipeg, to describe how seniors live in Winnipeg and their fears and challenges.

Farouk said, “We came to Winnipeg early, and we were among the first Arab families in Winnipeg that was in 1965. There was no Arab community, and we felt difficult to raise our children, and we did not know who to ask about raising children in Canada because we came from another society. There were no Arab or Islamic organizations for us to go to. My English was weak and did not help me understand some life matters.”

Farouk recounted an experience where their son was punished in school because he used an English word for which he did not know its meaning.

Chebib added, “As time went on, we got older, and life got harder. Yes, you know the city and its services, but there is difficulty with transportation. The diseases that afflicted us were many, and treatment here takes a long time. We live today in great unity because we are only alone helping each other. If anything bad happened to any of us, the other would be in an exceedingly difficult situation.”

Chebib encourages seniors to live healthily, go out, meet their friends, and not give in to loneliness. Chebib also advises them to find friends younger than them to assist them if needed.

The elderly in Winnipeg goes through daily challenges. Our guests talked about them at length during the episode, and they demanded that they have an organization that takes care of the elderly in Winnipeg and helps them overcome the difficulties of daily life.

– Zuher Almusre, U Multicultural

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