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Ramadan is an Opportunity for Winnipeg Muslims to Strengthen Social and Family Relationships

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Ramadan is an exceptional month by all standards, whether in Islamic countries or the non-Muslim world. What is the value and importance of this month for Muslims in Winnipeg, and what makes it different and memorable for them, perhaps more than Muslims in Arab and Islamic countries?

Zuher Almusre hosted Ruheen Aziz, a board member of the Manitoba Islamic Association (MIA), and asked her about the importance of Ramadan for the Muslim community and some of the challenges the community faces during this month.

Ruheen said that Ramadan is unlike any other month for the Muslim community in Winnipeg. She adds as Muslims feel they grow stronger during Ramadan, improving relationships with family, friends and community.

MIA also organizes many activities daily to gather the largest number of Islamic community members in one place to break the fast and pray collectively. They have designated places for children so parents can have a quiet and enjoyable time, knowing their children are safe. Ruheen added that many Muslims in Winnipeg miss their families in our country, as the atmosphere is entirely different. Muslims always positively look at their presence here, celebrate this annual occasion with each other as one family and create an atmosphere that makes them feel happy as if they are among their families.

Ruheen also talked about the preparations of MIA for Eid al-Fitr and the places of prayer and wished the Islamic community in Winnipeg all the happens and success.

– Zuher Almusre, U Multicultural

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