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Northwest Bear Clan Patrol: Keeping Neighbourhoods a Little Bit Safer

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Thanks to establishing a new chapter of the Bear Clan Patrol, neighbourhoods in Northwest Winnipeg have become safer. 

In 2020, Gary started walking with the Bear Clan Patrol. After a series of break-ins and vandalism in the neighbourhood, he formed a small community-run watch group called Northwest Watchers Patrol Group. In 2022, they formally became the new chapter of the Bear Clan Patrol. 

Northwest Bear Clan Patrol is the most diverse chapter due to its members, who have a number of non-Indigenous members. Gary wishes to encourage the Filipino community to join indigenous groups like the Bear Clan Patrol and calls for unity to help keep Northwest Winnipeg safer. Everyone is welcome to join the Northwest Bear Clan Patrol, not only as a volunteer. Gas donations, groceries and clothing are always welcome. 

The Northwest Bear Clan Patrol is a community-based organization that enhances safety and promotes positive community engagement in neighbourhoods, particularly urban areas. It is part of a broader movement inspired by Indigenous traditions, particularly those of the Ojibwe people, where clans traditionally played important roles in community governance and protection. 

The Bear Clan Patrol typically consists of volunteers who walk the streets of their neighbourhoods, acting as a visible presence to deter crime, assist vulnerable community members, and build connections with residents. They often collaborate with local law enforcement agencies but operate independently as a grassroots initiative focused on community empowerment.

The organization takes its name from the bear, which holds significant symbolism in many Indigenous cultures, often representing protection, strength, and healing. The patrols aim to address immediate safety concerns and foster a sense of belonging and solidarity within the community they serve.

– Lourdes Federis, U Multicultural

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