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Newcomer Network: The Power of Networking for Newcomers

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In the ever-evolving landscape of immigration, the importance of networking cannot be overstated. We sat down with Yemilo Audu, a dynamic social entrepreneur, to explore the transformative role networking played in her journey, shedding light on the opportunities it brings for newcomers in a new country.

Yemilo began by reflecting on the changes she has witnessed in the immigrant landscape over the years. Having initially moved to a smaller city before settling in Winnipeg, she noted the significant shift in the number of immigrants. Despite the adjustments, Yemilo expressed her enjoyment of living in Winnipeg, highlighting the diverse and vibrant community she has become a part of.

For many newcomers, the journey from studying to entering the workforce is riddled with uncertainties. Yemilo acknowledged her initial confusion but stressed the necessity of working to progress in her career. Having family in Canada provided a support system, but Yemilo recognized the importance of expanding her network beyond familial ties to explore diverse opportunities.

Her networking journey started with reaching out to local organizations and volunteering. Yemilo emphasized the value of volunteering as a two-fold opportunity – a chance to apply existing skills and a platform to learn new ones. She encouraged newcomers to leverage their unique skill sets, contributing to organizations while simultaneously expanding their knowledge base. Addressing the realities of cultural differences, Yemilo acknowledged the challenges of adapting to new ways of thinking and doing things. She urged newcomers to be realistic with themselves, allowing room for the learning curve and embracing the process of acclimating to a different culture.

Yemilo’s perspective on networking goes beyond the traditional view of landing jobs or acquiring clients. She emphasized the importance of approaching networking with a curious mindset. Instead of focusing solely on personal gains, she advocated understanding what opportunities and possibilities exist, leading to unexpected doors opening. As a self-described introvert, Yemilo shared her personal growth in networking, emphasizing that it gets easier with time. She acknowledged the initial challenges of introducing her business or herself but highlighted the importance of taking chances. Yemilo encouraged newcomers to embrace the fear, acknowledging that missed opportunities are chances lost.

In her entrepreneurial journey, Yemilo stressed the significance of putting oneself out there beyond formal networking events. She emphasized the surprising connections made in everyday situations, underlining the importance of others vouching for one’s abilities. Yemilo emphasized the impact of showcasing one’s skills, as people are more likely to find and connect with you when they know what you have to offer is valuable.
In conclusion, Yemilo Audu’s insights highlight the transformative power of networking for newcomers.

Beyond the formalities, networking becomes a journey of self-discovery, skill development, and embracing opportunities that may not have been initially apparent. Her story serves as an inspiration for newcomers navigating the intricate world of networking in a new country.

– Yuliia Kovalenko, U Multicultural

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