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New Innovative Workspace Concept Creates A Community Space of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

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Finding a meaningful job in a foreign country is the number one challenge new immigrants face after moving to Canada. It’s not easy to get a job related to your previous background. Quite often, professionals with top skills have to work in survival jobs, which is very upsetting for them.

Ali Meghji and Fadi Moukhaiber have both put a lot of effort into creating something unique for Winnipeg’s community. They recently opened an innovative workspace that gives immigrants in the beauty business a place to set up their own studio. While they pay rent, they get mentored by two men who are seasoned entrepreneurs in Canada.

Meghi and Moukhaiber are immigrants, and each has been successful in successive businesses, most recently in the beauty business. They know very well how difficult it is to start a business as a newcomer. So their mission is to help people grow as business owners. They not only give people the chance to rent the space but also stand beside them to mentor them.

“We found that if you can allow people to take that first step, to help them succeed, to give them advice, there is a lot more potential for them to grow in the future. So we sit down with people and look at their plans and help them grow to where they want to be”, says Ali Meghji.

Fedi Moukhaiber says that he totally understands the challenges immigrants have with employment and tells his personal story of how he struggled when he was young.

“I went to school, finished college and didn’t know where to go after that. I had a degree but couldn’t find a job. I started working in restaurants. My first job was at A&W flipping burgers. I went to school for interior design. I totally understand people who have a degree, but after coming to Canada, they need to work in Starbucks or Tim Hortons. Those challenges have a special spot in my heart because I know what it takes to move up and take the first step. I also know how it’s important to have support and guidance”, says Fadi Moukhaiber.

– Yuliia Kovalenko, U Multicultural

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