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Navigating Relationships: Legal Insights into Separation and Divorce

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In 2013, Ketki Purohit embarked on a journey from India to Winnipeg, where she completed her education and began practicing law. Now, with her husband and two kids, Purohit is building a small family and striving to create a supportive community, dedicating herself to educating others on legal matters.

The COVID-19 pandemic, while presenting challenges, has also provided a unique perspective on life. Purohit reflects on the importance of self-awareness and reevaluation of priorities. When it comes to the delicate subjects of separation and divorce, Purohit addresses the common misconception surrounding legal separation.

“There is no legal separation,” Purohit asserts. She clarifies that when parties, whether spouses, common-law partners, or married couples, decide not to live together, they are considered separated. Unlike divorce, this separation doesn’t require legal procedures or court involvement. Purohit emphasizes the acceptance of both married and common-law relationships in Canadian society.

Being a woman in situations involving kids and family dynamics can add an extra layer of stress. Purohit underscores the importance of preparation for those contemplating separation. She advises individuals to consider getting a separation agreement detailing essential aspects such as child support. This agreement becomes crucial in providing financial stability, including housing, shelter, and clothing during the challenging transition.

Recognizing the added difficulties faced by those not currently working, Purohit highlights the significance of addressing these needs in the separation agreement. The detailed provisions act as a roadmap, aiding individuals in meeting their basic necessities until they achieve financial stability or secure employment.

Purohit’s advice to women navigating the complexities of separation is grounded in patience and thoughtful consideration. “Give yourself time,” she suggests, emphasizing the intricate nature of family dynamics. Purohit notes that families may need space before realizing they can work through certain issues. Rushing decisions in the heat of the moment is discouraged, and seeking professional advice before making any significant choices is recommended.

Ketki Purohit’s insights serve as a compassionate guide for those facing the challenges of separation and divorce. Her dedication to educating and supporting individuals during these trying times reflects a commitment to fostering understanding and empowerment within the community. Purohit’s wisdom encourages individuals to navigate these processes with patience, thoughtful consideration, and professional guidance.

– Yuliia Kovalenko, U Multicultural

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