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MSA Helps Muslim Students Overcome Academic, Religious, And Social Challenges in Winnipeg

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Founded by Muslim students at the University of Manitoba, The Muslim Student Association includes diverse people ranging from undergrads to graduate students and even faculty from Indonesia, Turkey, and Pakistan, to name a few.

Abdul Ahad, President of MSA, was asked about the importance of the association for Muslim students and the challenges they face in Winnipeg universities.

Abdul said, “The Muslim Student Association at the University of Manitoba is the voice of the Muslim student and his guide to integrate and settle on campus. Whether these challenges are academic, religious, or social. When Muslim student arrives on campus in Winnipeg, they are exposed to cultural shock. What they know in their own country is completely different From Canadian society, which is characterized by diversity and mixing between male and female students, which Muslim students had not gotten used to before. In addition, Muslim students must explain their clothes and traditions to other students from different cultures. So they can deal with them properly and not be embarrassed because of their clothes or not shaking hands between male and female students. (MSA) explains all these details to students to make their stay on campus easy and smooth.”

Abdel-Ahad also talked about many real stories and realistic examples of Muslim students and their behaviours and gave them many essential tips to overcome psychological challenges due to their distance from their families. He also thanked all the professors and administrators of the university, whom he described as understanding and accepting of all cultures and races.

– Zuher Almusre, U Multicultural

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