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More Than $6.7 Billion Dollar Investment Has Been Put In Manitoba’s Health Care System

Manitoba has been struggling with health care worker shortages and the highly demanding environment of hospitals. Recently, the government of Manitoba signed a deal with Ottawa for an investment over ten years with a total amount of $6.7 billion.

Moreover, the two provinces have made a new bilateral agreement focusing on shared health care priorities. The investment has put in more than $1.2 billion for this agreement.

Federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said in one of his statements, “It will modernize our health care system, improve access to family health services and mental health services, reduce surgical backlogs and support health workers. Better quality of care means helping Manitobans and Canadians live longer, healthier lives.”

This investment is expected to improve the Manitoba health care system so much. The government dedicated millions of dollars to urgent needs in primarily pediatric hospitals, for time-consuming surgical stand-by times, and emergency rooms.

“This new federal funding will build on our shared priorities to improve health care services for all Manitobans. We look forward to working constructively with the federal government on our specific needs and priorities while continuing the important dialogue to support the long-term sustainability and predictability that Canadians expect of us.” said the Premier of Manitoba, Heather Stefanson.

Many health care workers have high expectations of this investment and the agreements made.


– Halla Alhamed, U Multicultural

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