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Mental Health Resources Available For Women Holding High-End Positions

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In the tapestry of Rita Chahal’s life, woven with the threads of resilience and determination, lies a narrative that transcends borders and cultures. As the executive director of the Mood Disorders Association, Rita brings a wealth of personal experiences and a fervent commitment to destigmatizing mental health within immigrant communities.

Rita’s journey began as a child, leaving her homeland and grappling with the trauma of separation. Despite the initial hardships, she acknowledges the resilience of children in adapting to new environments. However, within the backdrop of excitement and novelty, Rita’s family faced the unspoken challenges of mental health.

Sharing a poignant personal experience, Rita reveals her mother’s struggle with postpartum depression. In an era when mental health was often shrouded in silence, her mother’s battle remained undisclosed, leaving the family in the dark. Rita emphasizes the absence of open dialogue during those times, underscoring the prevailing stigma around mental health.

Reflecting on her family’s experience, Rita recognizes the pivotal role of open communication. The lack of awareness and the taboo associated with mental health had profound implications for her family. Rita believes that addressing mental health openly could have alleviated the burden on her mother and fostered understanding within the family unit.

As an advocate for mental health awareness, Rita emphasizes the need for open discussions. Drawing from her lived experiences, she encourages families to break the silence surrounding mental health challenges. In the present day, with increased awareness and conversations about mental health, Rita aims to be a catalyst for change within her own family and community.

As Executive Director, Rita is an ardent supporter of discussing mental health openly, offering support and understanding to those facing challenges. She acknowledges that times have changed, and there is a growing acknowledgment of mental health struggles within immigrant communities. Rita is at the forefront, urging families to embrace vulnerability and seek help without shame.

For newcomers, Rita shares valuable advice, emphasizing the importance of researching the mental health landscape of the new country. She encourages individuals to reach out to available resources and communities, breaking through the isolation that can often accompany migration. Rita underscores the power of vulnerability, reminding everyone that seeking help is a strength, not a weakness.

Rita Chahal’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of open conversations about mental health. Through her advocacy and personal experiences, she inspires individuals and families to embrace vulnerability, shatter the silence, and seek the support they need on their mental health journey.

– Yuliia Kovalenko, U Multicultural

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