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Take a Mental Health Break

Mental illness is experienced by 1 in 3 Canadians, and almost everyone faces challenges related to mental health at some point in their life. But what is the difference between mental health and mental illness, and what can we do to have a more balanced life? Navigate this topic with the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba's Rita Chahal, experts in the field, and those with personal experience.

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Recently, society has made big strides in understanding mental health. Yet, one area that needs attention is mental health at work. Although things are improving, talking about mental health at work is still tricky. 

Mood disorders are complex mental health conditions that affect many people around the world. These conditions have a big impact on how people feel and function every day. 

Within the world of mental health treatment, art and music therapies have emerged as potent tools for addressing mood disorders. 

Preserving and Innovating: The Future of Kathak and Bollywood Dance with Shavira Narrandes In the world of dance, Kathak and Bollywood styles hold a special place, blending rich cultural heritage with modern flair. Shavira Narrandes, a dedicated Kathak and Bollywood dance teacher, shares her insights on the importance of keeping these dance forms alive and how they continue to evolve in today’s multicultural landscape.  Continue Reading

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Workplace Stress Management In a chat with Jennifer Beitz, we discussed stress and how it impacts us.  Jennifer says, “I’ve learned a lot from the people I work with. I feel like I’m learning as much as I’m teaching.” She’s been teaching adults for two years and also works as a life coach. She thinks teachingContinue Reading

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What is Silent Walking?

Coming around last year was a TikTok trend different than what one may expect from a social media outlet. It’s called silent walking, where one puts away all their technology, primarily their phone when going for a walk. No texting, no music, no podcasts. Only the sounds of your surroundingsContinue Reading

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MAID Services for Mental Illness Delayed

The federal government has delayed the expansion of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) to those suffering solely from mental illness until 2027.  Prior to the delay, the expansion of MAID was intended to begin in March 2024 after being put on pause last year. The pause came after an agreementContinue Reading

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Conversations on Mental Health As Newcomers In Canada In a recent interview with Nataly Ponce, a resilient immigrant living in Canada, we explored the often-overlooked topic of mental health within the immigrant community. Ponce shared her personal journey and shed light on the challenges immigrants face, urging for increased awareness and understanding. According to Ponce, mental healthContinue Reading

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