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Medical Shortages Driving Manitoban Hospitals to Critical Situations

Medical staff are saying that Manitoban hospitals are in a critical situation and have a very dangerous staff shortage. A doctor said the medical shortage was very harsh after a devastating weekend.

Doctor Kristjan Thompson said that in the second largest Manitoban emergency department, the patients were waiting for hours to see a doctor, and what made it very painful was when the alarm rang for a patient who was diagnosed with a heart attack after waiting for more than ten hours in the emergency room for a doctor to aid him.

“Please help us. Yesterday was the first day I thought about quitting.
I love my job, my colleagues, and the people I care for each and every day…but what’s happening now is not sustainable. Things can improve, but we need help. Let’s be bold and seek meaningful change—together,” tweeted doctor Kristjan Thompson calling out for help.

These difficult circumstances aren’t just affecting patients negatively. Still, the medical staff have also been struggling with inconsistent and unreasonable working conditions. “Every single physician that I work with at St. Boniface emergency tells me that this is the worst that they’ve seen things,” Doctor Kristjan Thompson said. “They’re leaving the ER because of unreasonable working conditions.”

Hopefully, the government of Manitoba will be able to help with this crisis happening in the medical world of Manitoba, and all Doctors, hospitals and medical staff are looking for a new hope to keep them going.


– Halla Alhamed, U Multicultural

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of U Multicultural.

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