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Manitoba’s Population is Growing, and With That Comes Consequences

Manitoba’s population has been growing enormously in the past couple of years due to the high rate of immigration and settling happening in the past decade. Now, the province faces challenges that come with a growing population.

As populations grow, the need for food, water, energy, housing, and of course, social services increase. That’s why Manitoba is now making changes to its health insurance. The provincial government is changing one of the six digits on the health insurance to the letter, ensuring a larger capacity for the increasing population. The province has also reduced its processing times, returning them to pre-pandemic levels. The processing times have been changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic but are now within a “four-week window.”

The Manitoba Health Insurance department stated, “The backlog created by the pandemic is now eliminated, and most new application requests are handled within a four-week window.”

Although processing times have improved, as the population increases, there’s always a chance that processing could also increase. This might mean that Manitobans will have to wait longer for their Health Insurance related issues to be solved. However, it is a small price to pay for the population in Manitoba to grow and flourish.

“This is nice. I mean, Manitoba is gaining more citizens. That’s happy news, is it not? The processing times will not be that big of a problem.” said a Manitoban,” I mean, you don’t get a Health Insurance problem every single day.”


– Halla Alhamed, U Multicultural

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