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Manitoba’s 2023 Budget Invests $50 Million To Support Arts, Culture, And Sports Projects

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The 2023 budget includes more than 400 community arts, culture, and sports projects that will receive $50 million in funding from the Manitoba government to improve and build stronger communities across the province.

Obby Khan, Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage, held a Zoom conference call with ethnic media in Manitoba to ask their questions directly to the minister about this budget and how their communities will benefit from it.

Khan said, “Arts, culture and amateur sports organizations are at the heart of our communities and play a significant role in the health, wellness, social cohesion and social inclusion of Manitobans.”

Khan noted 23 projects worth $37.8 million were funded through the large capital grant program, including the South Winnipeg YMCA-YWCA, which received nearly $1.6 million to enhance accessibility and community outreach. The minister noted that funding these kinds of projects maintains the quality of current facilities and improves access to high-quality, modern facilities in local communities to foster excellence and preserve, share and celebrate heritage and culture.

Two intakes for the Community Celebrations program have already invested $583,000 to support 126 community events across the province, including winter and seasonal celebrations, feasts, fairs and festivals, and cultural concerts and performances.

For more information on the Arts, Culture and Sport in Community fund and the complete list of projects receiving support, visit

– Zuher Almusre, U Multicultural

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