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Making Sense of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion from a Cultural Community Point of View

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In a new segment Community Hour hosted by Martin Itzkow, we delve into the future of cultural communities in Winnipeg and the challenges they face.

As the city embraces its diverse cultural heritage, we’ll explore exciting opportunities for fostering inclusivity and unity. However, amid this progress, we must also address cultural communities’ hurdles, from preserving traditions to overcoming barriers to integration.

Martin Itzkow is the executive director of the Coalition of Manitoba Cultural Communities for Families. He meets Kathleen Vyrauen, project manager at the Ethnocultural Council of Manitoba, to examine the path forward, highlighting both the prospects and obstacles in the dynamic landscape of Winnipeg’s cultural communities.

“Cultural communities in Manitoba have changed over the last couple of decades. It’s critical to notice these changes to ensure that we can accommodate and create an inclusive society for all newcomers who are choosing to call Winnipeg their home”, says Itzkow.

He adds that the most crucial part of working towards a happy and bright future for our community is the ability to listen to younger generations’ voices and bring them forward because these people will be the future decision-makers and the future of society.

“We have some systems and structures that never change. They have been the same for decades and centuries. They are usually operated by the same people. When we have the younger generation that is coming in, they are really advocating to change the system in the way it has been operated. This is because they don’t fit into it anymore”, says Vyrauen.

Itzkow and Vyrauen have worked in the community for many years. They ensure that we now need a special approach to engaging communities to achieve equity, diversity, and inclusion in our communities.

– Yuliia Kovalenko, U Multicultural

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