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Life, Resilience, and Strength Celebrated At The 9th Annual Earl Cook Classic

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The 9th annual Earl Cook is a friendly hockey game between youth-in-care and social workers/adult supporters to celebrate the life, resilience and strength of Alumni of Care, Earl Henry Cook (1988- 2011). The event is hosted by Voices: Manitoba’s Youth in Care Network.

Journalist Zuher Almusre spoke with Marie Christian, Program Director of Voices: Manitoba’s Youth in Care Network. Almusre asked Christian about the program’s history and role in helping Winnipeg’s youth.

“Our community is made stronger through this event because it encourages youth who have overcome very tough circumstances to know they have strength, they have community, and they are a part of something bigger than themselves,” said Christian.

Zuher also spoke with program coordinator Jainna Cabral. She explained the program was started in 1995 after young people felt their voices weren’t being heard.

“Social workers from different agencies came together, found youth, and created this safe space to empower young people while they were in the care of the child welfare system. “

Voices: Manitoba’s Youth in Care Network has been empowering young people from ages 12-30 for 20 years now, giving them the tools to know their rights so they can advocate for themselves within the welfare system.

– Zuher Almusre, U Multicultural

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