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International Students in Canadian Classrooms

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In the pursuit of academic excellence in Canada, understanding the significance of education is paramount. Ali Hashmi, a university instructor, emphasizes the importance of setting goals and expectations to navigate the educational journey successfully. 

Upon arriving in Canada with aspirations to study in academic institutions, Hashmi advises newcomers to prioritize and balance their schedules. “It’s a balanced approach,” he notes, underlining the importance of understanding one’s goals and expectations. 

Hashmi encourages students to explore available resources. Utilizing the toolbox provided by academic institutions is crucial for success, and selecting the right tools adds significant value to one’s educational journey. 

Hashmi emphasizes that a balanced approach is essential due to inevitable obstacles such as cultural shock, financial challenges, and family issues. Despite the struggles, he highlights the presence of resources. He encourages students to connect with classmates, professors, and academic support staff for assistance. 

In this educational journey, Hashmi underscores the need to define success personally. He encourages students to engage in various activities, including workshops, career fairs, and volunteering opportunities. Connecting with mentors, participating in mental health workshops, and maintaining academic integrity are also vital aspects of the journey. 

Reflecting on his own experience, Hashmi expresses gratitude for the mentors who contributed to his success, emphasizing the importance of seeking guidance, discussing goals, and going through a step-by-step process. 

Transitioning to the workforce, Hashmi advises students to focus on effective written and verbal communication skills, understanding Canadian resume building, and working on soft and hard skills. Setting realistic goals and expectations is crucial, and a balanced approach helps identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. 

Hashmi provides insights into the positive outcomes of education in Canada, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and sharing knowledge with others. He encourages students to be part of communities, contribute, and add value to their educational and professional journeys. 

– Yuliia Kovalenko, U Multicultural

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