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Hundreds of Thousands of Meals Provided to Winnipeg’s Seniors and Those With Chronic Diseases

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In Winnipeg, seniors, people living with disabilities and people recovering from injuries struggle to prepare meals. Meals on Wheels provides daily nutritional meals for seniors and people with chronic diseases to help them live independently and with dignity in their homes.

Journalist Zuher Almusre spoke with Rhonda Gardner, the executive director of Meals on Wheels Winnipeg, to get more details about this program. Gardner said that we serve a variety of clients, upwards of four to five hundred. Some experience economic hardship, some cannot prepare meals themselves, and others experience physical and mental health issues. “Our programs are to supply meals to a diverse background of Winnipeg residents,” says Gardner.

Volunteers of Meals on Wheels play a key role in the success of its missions. With them, the organization can achieve its goals and reach those in need daily. Over 30 volunteer daily, Monday to Frida, volunteering their own time and vehicles to help other people in need in Winnipeg.

Finding volunteers is one of the most difficult challenges that face the nonprofit.

“Because of the Corona pandemic, we have lost more than 100 volunteers. Without volunteers, we cannot do our work. The Corona pandemic increased their fear for their personal safety, and they no longer prefer volunteering. I ask those who listen to me today to join us and help those in need in Winnipeg.”

The organization does an excellent job of meeting the requirements of each case. They are providing services to a culturally diverse city. For example, they provide Halal meals to customers who prefer halal food and vegetarian meals to vegetarian customers. This is to make all its customers feel comfortable and not experience any difficulties.

– Zuher Almusre, U Multicultural

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