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How Does Music Bring Unity to People in the Community

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Immigrants have the opportunity to listen to music that gives them a feeling of being at home. In this episode, we are talking with Marco Castillo, who explains the importance of music for the Latino community in Manitoba and its ability to connect people.

What has helped him adjust to a new city is being surrounded by people from his country and getting support from them. Marco says Winnipeg’s Latino community is friendly and large. His first step in building a career as a musician was playing with Latino bands. Later, in 2008 he founded his band, and they often play in community events and festivals.

“When I moved, to be honest, I was scared because I came from such a large city like Rio de Janeiro to a small Winnipeg. Surprisingly, I found a very rich community in the arts in general and music. With Spanish as my second language, I immediately started playing and singing with Latin bands.”

Marco emphasized that for him, it is very significant to be an outstanding representative of Brazil in Winnipeg society. The man is proud to play the music at community events and festivals. Also, he collaborates with local artists, including Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra.

“Music needs to be shared, and it’s a pleasure to find talented people to share with and get the forces together,” says Marco.

Even though moving from Rio de Janeiro to Winnipeg has been a difficult experience, Marco says he loves Canada and learnt to enjoy life here.

“It was challenging, but at the same time, I found it very fertile soil for my music. I’m grateful to be here.”

– Yuliia Kovalenko, U Multicultural

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