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Here is Nothing Impossible, An Immigrant To Winnipeg Is Creating the Finest Ice Cream In Canada

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In true Winnipeg fashion, Chaeban Ice Cream opened its doors in December 2017, on the first day of winter. Today, Chaeban Ice Cream thrives with Winnipeg’s resounding support and love of ice cream (in all seasons). Their ice cream can also be found in grocery stores across Manitoba.

Joseph Chaeban is a partner in Chaeban Ice Cream and plays a significant role in the growth of the economy in Winnipeg. He employs newcomers and trains them so that they can master the work to integrate into the city of Winnipeg and feel stable. He even accepts hiring people without requiring a certain level of English language, which is considered the biggest challenge for immigrants.

Joseph spoke to Zuher Almusre about the history of Chaeban Ice Cream, how it started, and what challenges he faced to reach this success in Winnipeg with his family, who were in Lebanon and Turkey after escaping from the war in Syria.

Joseph said he feels grateful to Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Canada for all the facilities they provided him that contributed to his success today as if it was a dream come true. He says he is pleased to be here, and I will do my best to return the favour to Canada by helping communities integrate and settle.

– Zuher Almusre, U Multicultural

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