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GIFF Announces 2022 Programming. First In-Person Event Since 2019

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The Gimli International Film Festival (GIFF) is gearing up for a highly anticipated event, announcing its lineup for the 2022 festival. 

With over 70 diverse and acclaimed films, it is an event film enthusiasts will not want to miss. Many of the films are created by talented Manitoba filmmakers. 

“It’s been a really interesting process, as it is a smaller list of films than we usually present,” says GIFF Executive Director Alan Wong. “Because of that, we’ve had to be more selective. I really do feel the films we are showing are creme of the crop. A really interesting and diverse selection of films, and there will be something for everyone.”

Films are categorized into several “series”: The Future is Ours, Indigenous, Icelandic, Northern Lights, Manitoba, and Social Justice, along with three short film programs and several “special screenings.”

For a complete list of films and screenings, click here.

The event will once again be in-person, the first time since 2019. Wong has attended a few in-person events since restrictions have ended. He believes feeling the energy and seeing a large group enjoying something together can’t be beaten; there’s a sense of appreciation and joy. GIFF will be the same, excitement and energy for film lovers to come together and enjoy the art of visual storytelling, “the pandemic is still an issue, so we’re doing things that are safe and socially responsible, and align with recommendations.”

There were some advantages to holding the event virtually over the past few years, allowing those who would not usually attend an avenue to participate in this premier festival, with watchers tuning in from around the globe. Although GIFF won’t be virtual this year, there will be an opportunity for those who can’t visit the Manitoba town. 

“Over the past two summers, our festival has been mostly digital. Hundreds of movies were streamed online, on-demand, watched by thousands of people,” says Wong. “For those new fans of the festival we were able to reach, we will still have something to offer them.”

GIFF online will run for two weeks after the festival, July 25-August 5, featuring a small curated selection of films featuring the best of GIFF 2022. 

The festival’s programming wasn’t the only news Friday afternoon. GIFF also announced the winner of its signature Alda Award, given to an individual whose work and career had made outstanding contributions to filmmaking in Canada and Circumpolar nations. The 2022 Alda Award winner is Canadian filmmaker Nettie Wild, the first time a documentary filmmaker has won this award.

Wild will be presented the award when the Gimli International Film Festival begins July 20-24.

– Ryan Funk, U Multicultural

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of U Multicultural.

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