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Fun-Raiser Event Looking to Change the Fate of Wasted Food in Winnipeg

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A transformative event that impacts lives in Winnipeg is the Food Rescue FUN-raiser, hosted at Trans Canada Brewing by the Leftovers Foundation. This evening is not about enjoying food and drinks but about rallying the community around a vital cause directly impacting Winnipeggers’ lives.

At this event, Civic Journalist Zuher Almusre spoke with Julia Kraemer, coordinator at the Leftovers Foundation in Winnipeg, to learn more about protecting and preserving food. Kraemer says part of that protection and preservation starts by stopping food from ever ending up in landfills.

“We catch it in time and have volunteers transport it from where it is existing abundance to where it needs to be, places of scarcity to people who are experiencing food insecurity in our city. The rates of food insecurity are alarming, and so we are here to fund this innovative solution, which is a bridge in the logistical space between food wasted and food accessed.”

Stopping food from ending up in a landfill has additional benefits to tackling food insecurity. When food is rotting in landfills, it produces methane and greenhouse gases, which pollute the environment. Waste is one contributing factor to climate change.

In Canada, over 3.2 million metric tons of edible food go to waste annually, with a mere 4 percent rescued and redirected to those in need. Most of this surplus ends up in landfills, contributing to environmental harm. The Leftovers Foundation is committed to changing this narrative, believing that no healthy food should ever meet such a fate.

Looking at the statistics for 2022 across all Leftover Foundation locations, they saved over 539,000 pounds (about 244486.09 kg) of good food.

“This translates to meals served, an astronomical number of meals served of carbon emissions of greenhouse gases avoided,” said Kraemer. “The dollar value is $1.7 billion in food loss that was prevented. To feed someone instead of ending up in the garbage.

The event sought to raise awareness about the crucial need to rescue food. Every contribution made during this event went directly towards sustaining, rescuing, and redirecting surplus food to those in Winnipeg who need it most.

The Leftovers Foundation is a movement that fosters sustainability and compassion. It encourages residents to rescue food, reduce waste, and directly and positively impact the lives of those living in Winnipeg. That support helps build a stronger, more caring community for all.

– Zuher Almusre, U Multicultural

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