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From Latin America to Canada: Embracing Opportunities and New Experiences

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Moving to a new country is often a daunting endeavour, filled with challenges and uncertainties. However, the stories of Tania Lopez, Nicolas de la Cruz, and Manuel Bravo, who made the journey from Latin American countries to Winnipeg, Manitoba, highlight the transformative power of embracing change and seizing new opportunities.

Nicholas de la Cruz, who arrived in Canada just a month ago, shared his initial impressions of the country while acknowledging that the move was not without its difficulties. He emphasized the immense opportunities that Canada offers. “For me, the move to Canada was not easy,” Nicholas admits. “But what keeps me going is the belief that Canada offers more opportunities, both in terms of education and personal growth.

In contrast, Manuel Bravo has lived in Canada for more than two years, providing a unique perspective on the transition. He notes that the biggest difference he noticed was in the people.

Language barriers are often one of the most significant hurdles for immigrants. Nicholas, who had the foresight to learn English before moving to Canada, found it relatively easy to adapt to the language. His preparation paid off, allowing him to communicate effectively from the outset. On the other hand, overcoming the language barrier was a substantial challenge for Manuel. He recalls initial misunderstandings with classmates. However, he has become more comfortable conversing with his peers with time and determination.

Nicholas offers encouragement to young people who may be hesitant about moving to Canada. “My advice to those who are uncertain is simple: don’t give up. Canada offers better education and countless opportunities. Remember the phrase, ‘Everything you lose is a step you take.’ Moving here may be tough at first, but it’s absolutely worth it for a better future.”

Manuel offers reassurance to those contemplating a similar journey. “Don’t be afraid to come here,” he advises. “You’ll gradually get to know new people, make new friends, and explore new places. It may take time, but it’s all part of the adventure.”

Nicholas, Manuel, and Tania’s experiences are a testament to the resilience of individuals who dare to step into the unknown. Their journeys from Latin America to Canada are inspiring tales of determination, adaptation, and pursuing a brighter future. These stories serve as a reminder that embracing change can lead to remarkable personal growth and the discovery of new horizons.


–Yuliia Kovalenko, U Multicultural

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