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Festival du Voyageur is Back Fully With All of its Wonders After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Festival du voyageur is one of the biggest festivals in Canada and is a very big part of Canadian-French culture. Many people visit this festival to learn more about French culture and the French community in Canada.

Many schools take their students to the festival to let them experience the instant experience of being surrounded by French culture and language and to teach them part of Canada’s history and the French settlers.

“It’s heartwarming to know we’re back full force. Last year, we had a mini festival. It didn’t quite feel the same as this one, and we look forward to this tradition every winter, every February. It’s kind of a celebration of not only our culture and our heritage but also a celebration of winter,” said Christel Lanthier, snow sculpture coordinator.

This year, the festival opened on February 17 and continues till February 26. The festival’s first day was dedicated to schools and students, and no outside visitors were allowed to come.

“I think it is a very good opportunity for many students that are interested in French culture and language to come to this festival and enjoy the many things offered, from dancing, to singing, to learning traditional dances, and to the very delicious food offered in the festival. My students loved the field trip very much.” said a teacher of one of the schools that attended the festival on February 17.

Festival du Voyageur has many events, from jigging and fiddling contests to many free activities and a very impressive boutique. This festival is a once-in-a-year experience that many Manitobans enjoy and await.

– Halla Alhamed, U Multicultural

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