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Listen to the World and ETHNIC Music live!

U Multicultural is producing Ethnic Music Concert Series through Safe at Home Manitoba and streaming ten mini-concerts through our web-platform, social media, U Radio, cable TV in Manitoba and across Canada.

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Acoustic, Folk, Latin Jazz, World Music

Musical duo guitarist Marcos Martins and singer Luana Cunha bring listeners on a magical journey to Brazil in their music’s joy and richness.

Singer/Songwriter, Latin, Samba-Jazz, Funk

Whether it’s his work as a solo artist or his collaborations, Marco is the Latin/World Music ‘go-to guy’ and is becoming one of the most sought-out artists in North America. It’s not uncommon to hear his influence on his peers.

Inuit Throat Singer​

Zeann Manernaluk is from a small community, on the shore of the Hudson’s Bay. She works at the Inuit centre in Winnipeg. Aside from her career – helping people in Manitoba, she is also a remarkable throat singer and a proud mom.

Asian Ceremonial, Traditional, Contemporary Singing, Taiko, World Fusion

Taking up the taiko when she was 29, Phoebe Man works with other artists of and cultural backgrounds. She is a co-founder of taiko group Fubuki Daiko, world-music ensembles Just Drummin’ and SAND.

Traditional Singer, Drummer, Rock, Pop​

A well-known traditional singer and drummer, Ray “Coco” Stevenson blends powwow with rock and pop music. An ancient art deep-rooted within indigenous cultures, Stevenson believes it will continue for many generations, and continued collaboration between art and culture is welcome within the powwow community.

Indigenous Music, Hip Hop, Rap, Contemporary​

A veteran in the native hip hop industry, HellnbacK, also known as Karmen Omeasoo, first gained international recognition as a founding member of the groundbreaking group War Party.
When she was young, Lisa Muswagon received a hand drum gift and was invested in music from that point. In 2018, she released the album “Buffalo and Rabbits,” the story of how Wapos goes on a journey to seek the lost story of the round dance.

Singer-Songwriter, Latin Pop-Rock, Argentine Folk, Jazz

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina,  Onna Lou fuses Latin pop-rock with Argentine Folk, jazz, Latin American rhythms, tango and even flamenco. Her lyrics profoundly impact the listener since she strikes human nature’s depth with her sharp-sighted views and subtle but powerful poetry. Her melodies’ honesty results from her Argentine roots and her beautiful and sensitive way of looking at life make her music truly unique.

Irish Trad, Rock, Punk

From basement pubs to festival stages, the Dust Rhinos have been bringing their particular brand of punk flavoured Irish trad to venues large, small, and otherwise since 1992.
With influences that include the Pogues, the Oysterband, Spirit of the West, the Clash, and Peter Gabriel, it’s no wonder the Rhinos have a powerful yet multi-faceted and layered sound playing style. An aggressive but subtle sonic assault.

Folk, Pop, Rock

Winnipeg’s bilingual singer-songwriter Justin Lacroix infuses the timeless sounds of blues, folk and roots-rock into a soulful experience. Through his stories of love, loss and life on the road, Justin shares a message of optimism and connection to the world around him.

Jazzafro Fusion, Afrobeats

Four Winnipeg musicians – and friends – are the brains of the dynamic and energetic jazzafro fusion group, Dr. Henry Band. From West Africa, more precisely from Nigeria, they love to bring communities together for a humanitarian reconnection to celebrate life in its splendour. They use their music as a medical prescription for audiences to awaken the generous spirit of hope, joy and love in them. The pieces played by the members of the group reveal their journey, their history and their experience. Their songs are lived on the suites thermal baths: Love, Family, Wealth, Antemoral and Physical and Celebration.

Reggae, Motown/R&B/Latin, Calypso/Soca

Rockalypso was established in 1990. Led by singer and guitarist Glen Williams, Rockalypso is an exciting Caribbean band that brings the rich rhythms of the Caribbean to life. This group of incredibly talented musicians and vocalists keep their audiences captivated and dancing in the aisles throughout their show!
The repertoire of Rockalypso appeals to a vast audience emphasizing traditional Caribbean and Calypso favourites, which demonstrate the exceptional vocal abilities of the band. The beautiful harmonies and reggae styling of Rockalypso make people feel they are at the Islands!


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