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Empowering Manitoba Against Cancer: A Local Foundation’s Impactful Journey

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In the heart of Manitoba, a silent but mighty battle is being waged against one of humanity’s most relentless adversaries – cancer. This battle, led by CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, is not fought in isolation but with the unwavering support of a community that understands the urgency of the cause.

Sherelle Kwan, the Manager of Development at CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, sheds light on the Foundation’s endeavours and the profound impact it has on the lives of Manitobans.

“We have the privilege of working for CancerCare Manitoba Foundation,” Sherelle Kwan states with a sense of dedication in her voice. “We exclusively raise funds that stay right here in Manitoba. So anyone that is touched by cancer here in Manitoba will be treated.”

The significance of this mission is crystal clear. Every donation received, every event organized, and every dollar raised directly contributes to providing essential care and support for those battling cancer within the province. Sherelle Kwan emphasizes the Foundation’s alignment with strategic priorities, ensuring their efforts address the most critical needs within the local cancer care landscape.

A vital aspect of the Foundation’s outreach strategy is community engagement, a role Sherelle Kwan takes on as the community coordinator manager for community events. She elaborates on how they raise awareness about CancerCare Manitoba Foundation’s mission through various innovative initiatives.

“We have signature events,” she explains, her passion evident. These events range from golf tournaments and barbecues to exciting battles of the bands and cozy coffeehouse gatherings. The Foundation’s outreach also extends to schools, fostering engagement and understanding among the younger generation.

“We are here to help you,” Sherelle Kwan emphasizes when it comes to individuals with their fundraising ideas. The Foundation is actively interested in nurturing and supporting novel concepts that can make a real difference. In Sherelle Kwan’s words, “It’s our privilege to hear people’s ideas and support them.”

The impact of CancerCare Manitoba Foundation’s efforts becomes even more remarkable when considering the substantial sum of over $177 million that has been granted since 2000. Sherelle Kwan acknowledges the stark reality that nearly 19 Manitobans are diagnosed with cancer every day. This makes the Foundation’s contributions, both in terms of financial support and nurturing research platforms, even more pivotal.

“We have the ability in Manitoba to attract some of the best and brightest minds,” Sherelle Kwan proudly states. The Foundation’s funding has catalyzed the establishment of research platforms that draw in brilliant researchers, propelling advancements in cancer research that benefit Manitobans and the global fight against cancer.

However, Sherelle Kwan quickly reminds us that the impact goes beyond research and statistics. Cancer is not limited by borders; it touches every corner of the world, and every effort contributes to the collective struggle for a cancer-free world.

“We are small, but we are part of the global effort,” she asserts passionately. When donors support CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, they invest not just in the present but in a future unburdened by cancer’s grip.

One of the areas that excites Sherelle Kwan the most is the investment in research. She stresses the need for persistent research with over 209 different types of cancer and blood disorders. The Foundation’s support allows Manitoba to attract and retain the best minds in the field, enabling groundbreaking discoveries that benefit not just the province but the entire world.

Amid all the challenges and the scale of the fight, Sherelle Kwan’s unwavering optimism shines through. A world free of cancer isn’t a distant dream; it’s achievable when communities come together with a shared purpose.

“A world free of cancer can happen when we work together,” she concludes.

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation’s journey is of hope, resilience, and unity. Every dollar donated, every event attended, and every idea shared is a step towards a world where cancer’s grip is loosened and lives are enriched. Sherelle Kwan and the Foundation she represents stand as pillars of this ongoing battle, inspiring all to join hands and bring hope to those who need it most.

–Yuliia Kovalenko, U Multicultural

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