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Doctors Are Reminding Canadians That the Pandemic isn’t Over Yet

Many doctors have been posting on social media platforms to remind citizens that the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over. The numbers have increased, and doctors advise people to take necessary precautions.

“Public health experts generally agree that we should strive for a test positivity rate below 5%. Manitoba’s is now 23.4%. Can we stop pretending that COVID is over? Please, keep your vaccinations up to date and wear a mask indoors. Is it that hard?” said Doctor Doug Eyolfson.

Ontario’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Kieran Moore, commented on the increasing number of hospitalizations.

“I am concerned. We’re watching what’s going on in Europe right now with the newer strain of Omicron that’s circulating and the health system impact. We’re starting to see an increase in hospitalization and a subtle increase in our intensive care unit use. All of those metrics early on before winter hits, before we go indoors, have made me anxious that we must continue strengthening that wall of immunity that Ontarians have already built. Seeing this trend early in October of increase in hospitalization, increase in intensive care units and watching newer strains in Europe has got me concerned.”

Unfortunately, Canada is still facing deaths caused by COVID-19 and its variants. All healthcare workers recommend getting boosters, wearing masks, and staying cautious. “We will be making more recommendations of wearing masks to reduce the risk of all these viruses transmitted through personal contact,” said Dr. Kieran Moore.


– Halla Alhamed, U Multicultural

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of U Multicultural.

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